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1. E M E R G I N G M A R K E T S S P AIMING HIGH, THROWING FAR 2. CONTENTS Company history Where Javelin invests How Javelin invests Javelins special features Risk management Client goals & our standards The future three four six eight nine ten eleven 3. Olympic Wealth Management Group was founded on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. Our aim is to effectively manage the assets of Olympic Wealth Fund SPC, which is regulated and domiciled in Grand Cayman, one of the worlds largest investment and banking destinations. The Directors, Richard Baxter and Karen McGouran have worked extensively in financial services for over 40 years in such diverse places as London, Malaysia, Singapore, China and the Caribbean. With backgrounds in economics and finance respectively, the Directors have a wealth of knowledge in the investment industry with a strong focus on fiscal prudence. Our sister company, International Broker Consultants Group has successfully managed the wealth of individuals, families and corporations for nearly 15 years, supported by an experienced and loyal stock broking team, and is one of the Caribbeans most well respected organizations. The ancient Olympian athletes competing in the Javelin contest aimed to throw a light spear as high and as far as humanly possible while competing in the worlds premier sporting event. Olympic Wealth launched Javelin Global Emerging Markets Fund with the identical challenge for our clients investments: aim as high as possible with a long-term view while having total conviction in where and in what we are investing. COMPANY HISTORY three 4. four Current estimates are that nearly half of all global growth comes from developing countries, and according to International Monetary Fund estimates, emerging economies are expected to grow two to three times faster than developed nations like the US, the UK and Europe in the next decade. Many Economists believe that emerging nations' markets will WHERE JAVELIN INVESTS The Fund is designed to take advantage of the spectacular growth resulting from a rising middle class in India, China, Latin America and Asia Pacific. We also have a Fifth Element part of our Fund which was devised by the Directors to outperform even these high growth markets. This segment of the Fund will seek to find extraordinary stocks in unusual places that will excel in coming years. 5. five experience robust economic growth over the next thirty years, driving up prices on investments in their companies. Economic growth in these countries has been brisk in recent years. Many believe that this will continue at a pace similar to what the U.S. experienced in the twentieth century, giving rise to a middle class that increases demand for consumer goods, propels growth and drives up investment values. There is no doubt that huge gains await investors who can find the right emerging market investment. 6. six HOW JAVELIN INVESTS Using these techniques at our sister company, we have successfully managed to yield an excellent return for clients in good years and bad, for nearly 15 years. A deep understanding of Grahams tenets led us to codify this in four simple ways: 1 Purchase funds or securities that have a sustainable competitive advantage and hold them for an extended period of time, thereby compounding the benefits. 2 Purchase for significantly less than their present value. 3 Concentrate money into only a few stocks or funds and avoid over-diversification. Olympic Wealths philosophy is to hold a small portfolio of outstanding stocks or funds that we have extensively researched and fully understand, as opposed to owning a large number of average stocks in which we do not have a great deal of confidence. Less is more. 4 We think of risk in terms of opportunity cost. Volatility provides us with possible opportunities to invest in companies at an advantageous cost, and we have the fortitude to ride out any short-term issues. We adhere to the principles of Focus Investing which was codified in Benjamin Grahams book Security Analysis in 1934. Today the best known disciple of this stock approach is Warren Buffet, one of the worlds wealthiest men. 7. seven 8. eight before we are able to receive any performance fee at all! There-after 75% of any profit we make is yours! The second major feature is that of a High Water Mark which means that we need to continually beat the previous all time highest share price before we are able to qualify for any performance fee, even if we have returned well in excess of the hurdle rates! This essentially cements your goals and ours firmly together, and ensures that our attention is acutely focused on making your hard earned money grow. The Directors are so confident in Javelins potential and unique features that they have invested personally in the Fund. JAVELINS SPECIAL FEATURES Javelin is different from other types of investments, in that we have to grow your funds beyond a Hurdle Rate before we are able to receive a Performance Fee which is split 75% to you and 25% to the Fund. The hurdle rate is 3% or 5% per annum depending on how much you invest. In other words, we need to grow your funds annually above and beyond these hurdle rates Javelin is seeking to bring to our investors the opportunity to benefit from investment techniques which are typically exclusive to large investment funds. 9. nine Our risk controls start with establishing specific weightings in our target markets ensuring that exposure to any one market decline is minimized. RISK MANAGEMENT Unlike other companies, we believe in maintaining high liquidity levels which allows us to take advantage of market opportunities as they arise. This we feel is a vital component of risk management. We constantly review daily market conditions, geopolitical issues and our Funds achievements, ensuring that our investment selections are performing and adhering to our goals and benchmark targets. Javelin is designed for long-term capital growth and as such we shall not be swayed by short-term market fluctuations. We have the fortitude to hold our investments and compound their growth over many, many years. 10. In addition to seeking an excellent return on capital, we firmly believe that you desire a more informed connection to your investments. STANDARDS& OUR CLIENT GOALS Clients wish to understand the process and believe that the Directors of the Fund and the Financial Advisors dealing with their investments, have a firm hand on their irreplaceable cash. A highly client-centric service standard is an essential part of our success. We continually disseminate intuitive, insightful information to clients and Financial Advisors in a way which fosters understanding and involvement. We guarantee to return contact within 48 hours on time sensitive issues, and the response aims to be friendly and accurate, answering all underlying questions. We have deep pride in our organization and have a company- wide obsession with customer satisfaction and your financial wellbeing. We have a can do approach, and we focus on how best we can help our clients in every interaction. ten 11. THE FUTURE It is our firm belief that adding Javelin to your portfolio will enhance your wealth. We shall continue to seek quality funds wherever they may be globally, rewarding you with strong capital gains for decades to come. Javelin is the journey that we are delighted to share with you: Aiming high, throwing far! eleven 12. Olympic Wealth Fund SPC c/o IBC Suite 6 OMNI Corporate Centre Speightstown St. Peter Barbados West Indies Telephone +246 432 7020 Facsimile +246 432 7017 Website www.olympicwealth.com Email enquiries@olympicwealth.com