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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>MyKitten Bakery &amp; Drinks</p> <p>HC12B</p> <p>tm1</p> <p>Vice President: Nguyn Trng Tn 332955L Sen Tm 332939Nguyn Tn Huy 332949Hunh Phc Nguyn 332933Trng Th Thu Tho - 332974Nguyn Th Qunh Mai 332952</p> <p>Team Member</p> <p>tm2</p> <p>HC12B</p> <p>tm</p> <p>3</p> <p>I. ObjectivesII. PlanningIII. OrganizingIV. ControlllingV. ClosingOUTLINE</p> <p>tm</p> <p>4</p> <p>OBJECTIVES</p> <p>Tn5</p> <p>Tn6</p> <p>Vice President Responsibilities</p> <p>Tn7</p> <p>Tn8</p> <p>Members Roles</p> <p>tm9</p> <p>tm10</p> <p>PlanningConsider each employee's ideas as valuable.Be aware of employees' unspoken feelings.Act as a harmonizing influence.Be clear when communicating.Encourage trust and cooperation among employees on our team.Encourage team members to share information.Delegate problem - solving tasks to the team.Facilitate communication.Establish team values and goals; evaluate team performance.</p> <p>huy11</p> <p>ORGANIZING</p> <p>mai12</p> <p>ORGANIZING</p> <p>mai13</p> <p>CONTROLLING</p> <p>nguyn14</p> <p>Gantt Chart</p> <p>nguyn15</p> <p>NumberActivitiesStartEndNotes1Gathering time data from classmate1-Apr4-AprWhole class2Planning &amp; setting schedule5-Apr6-AprTeam task3Popularizing job duty7-Apr7-AprWhole class4Selling in campus8-Apr13-AprWhole class5Record 8-Apr13-AprTeam task6Evaluating people efficiency8-Apr13-AprTeam task7Evaluating project efficiency8-Apr13-AprTeam task8Planning for project 214-Apr18-AprWork with CEO and other VPs9Set up for concert19-Apr3-MayWhole class10Setting &amp; popularizing schedule3-May5-MayTeam task11Evaluating6-May15-MayTeam task12Meeting6-Apr21-mayTeam task</p> <p>nguyn16</p> <p>The Activity On Note (AON)</p> <p>nguyn17</p> <p>ActivityActivity DescriptionImmediate PredecessorsAGathering informationNoneBDefine and manage informationACAnalyze informationBDSet up schedule of working CEAdjust suitable schedule for membersCFPlan backup plansDGPredict problemsEHRun the projectF,GIEvaluate people s efficiencyH</p> <p>nguyn18</p> <p>nguyn19</p> <p>CLOSSING</p> <p>huy20</p> <p>TIMELOG</p> <p>huy21</p> <p>Leadership development Develop Communication skillChange managementThe measurement of member effectiveness </p> <p>Challenges</p> <p>huy22</p> <p>Nguyn Trng Tn (332955)LessonLeadershipLearn arrangementCommunication skill and negotiation skillLearn how to evaluating people through their performance</p> <p>ExperienceCan make a better project in the futureCan solve bad problemsCan face to face with hard challenges and bad situationsCan applies HR theory in the futureAvoid faulty work in the future </p> <p>L Sen Tm (332939)LessonHave more skill to communicate with partnerHave more skill to solve unintended incidentteam building apply lesson in class to real le</p> <p>ExperienceDominate passion while working with partnerImprove solving skillswork in team to solve many problemalway prepare a backup plan while doing any project</p> <p>Nguyn Tn Huy (332949)LessonOrganizational skill Communication skillTeam building and team workTime management skillAnalyzing skillBuilding relationship with people</p> <p>ExperienceThe opportunity to apply what we learn in the class to this project.Debate inspires creativity and thats how we spur our team on to better results.Always have alternative plan.Put the right person in to the right position.</p> <p>Hunh Phc Nguyn (332933)LessonChance to apply theories of the subjectCommunication skillTeam buildingTime managementMaterial managementCorporation between teamsExperienceThe need of prediction and backup planTeam work will help to deal with many big problemsFind good supplier (Closer direction, cheaper price)</p> <p>Trng Th Thu Tho (332974)LessonHow to apply the important theories</p> <p>Problem solving</p> <p>Communication and Teamwork skillIntepersonal skill</p> <p>ExperienceManage time better</p> <p>Make up plan at true periodHow to make up plan carefullyFace to bad situations</p> <p>Nguyn Th Qunh Mai (332952)LessonTechniques for planning , scheduling and controlling projects : Arranging the sequence of activities logically before we actually do it .Determining the resources need such as : people , time , money .</p> <p>ExperienceHarmonize with people , less quarrel consistency gets fastGive more time for the projects being responsible for their projects .Share the work sacrificing myself because all people share the work .</p> <p>Thanks for your ListeningHuman Resource Department</p>