Palm Trees in South Carolina & North Carolina

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  • Best Palm Trees South Carolina

    Sabal is a genus of New World palms,

    many of the species

    being known as

    palmetto that able

    to survive

    temperatures much

    lower. Get order

    minimum 20 Sabal

    palm trees from

    all over the South


  • Amazing Sabal Palm Trunks in North Carolina

    sales Sabal Palm

    tree in the warm

    areas of North

    Carolina with short

    mild winters and

    warm humid

    summers. It is a

    large, tall palm with

    a single

    unbranching trunk

    that grows to about

    65 feet.

  • Varieties of Sabal Palms

    Trees are very essential to maintain

    the balance in our ecosystem. Although,

    with the advent of industrialization and

    growth of population, the

    number of trees has reduced

    considerably, yet things can be

    reformed. There are certain varieties of

    trees which you will find only in particular regions. Similar is the

    case with the Sabal palms found mostly near the coast of the

    Atlantic Ocean.

  • Mind Blowing Palm Trees In Carolina

    Palm trees are renowned for their toughness but they

    are not invulnerable. There

    are several conditions and

    circumstances that you need to avoid

    while planting palm trees in your

    backyard. Below are some of the

    major things that you need to take

    care of before planting a palm

    sapling or looking after a palm tree.

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