Personal selling skills

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  • 1. Personal Selling Skills?
  • 2. What is Selling? Offering customers with products they wish to buy.
  • 3. Methods of Selling Personal selling any form of direct contact between a salesperson and customer Business to Business (B2B) may take place in a manufacturers showroom (inside sales) or in the field (outside sales). Telemarketing selling over the phone
  • 4. Features Vs. Benefits Features A physical characteristic or quality of a good or service; what is its intended use? Benefits Advantages or personal satisfaction a customer will get from a good or service; features that have been made into customer benefits are selling points.
  • 5. METHODS OF PERSONAL SELLING Retail selling : Selling to ultimate consumer. Field Selling : Business to business selling that take place in the prospective customer's place of business.. Telemarketing : Using the Telephone as the primary means of communicating with prospective customers & Telemarketers often used computers for order taking. Inside Selling : Business to business selling in the Sales persons place of business
  • 6. Personal selling
  • 7. HandlingObjectives
  • 8. Overcoming Sales Objections