Personalised Back to School Supplies for Babies

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1. PERSONALIZED BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES FO BABIES & KIDS 2. BUY PERSONALISED SCHOOL GIFTS AT NAMED The celebrations are over, and now it is time to back to school! Pack your bags, ready your stationary set; clean your drink bottles, and everything you need on the first day of schooling. And, for parents whose wards are stepping into the school for the first time, give them a beautiful gift of personalised school supplies. Visit us at Named and make the purchase of high quality personalised school gifts for your kids, making their schooling memorable & enjoyable! 3. EXCITING RANGE OF GIFTS FOR KIDS 4. PERSONALISED SCHOOL BAGS Make choice of kids favourite character & their name printed on the front of the bag, giving a very personal touch to their first day schooling. 5. PERSONALISED STATIONARY SET A personalised surprise stationary set brings a huge smile on the face of the kids, displaying their name in beautiful colours. 6. PERSONALISED DRINK BOTTLES Another gem, which brings a million dollar smile on the sweet faces of kids, making their schooling memorable. 7. BABY LUNCH BOXES One more hit in the list of desirable items for the first day of school, which with the perfect blend of parental love & favourite superhero image printed with their names, makes a perfect choice for school gifts. 8. WHY NAMED? Here, at Named we provide you with the best quality made gift items for kids that are specially made with the kid friendly material, which is not harsh on their skin. Our dedicated teams of professional designers are readily available to assist you in all kinds of your needs of customised school gifts. 9. ONLINE SHOPPING Our online shopping website enables you to order a piece of your interest from your home, and deliver the product at your doorsteps, all at very affordable costs. Our always-expanding customer base knows us for our reliable & uncompromised quality services. 10. CONTACT US (03) 9824 6996 /0412 220 961


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