Pipeliner Manifesto: Trade is Essential to Growth and Economic Stability

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  • Trade is Essential to Growth and Economic Stability

    Pipeliner ManifestoChapter 2

  • Nikolaus Kimla

    Email: n.kimla@pipelinersales.comWebsite: www.pipelinersales.com

    CEO at Pipelinersales Inc.

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  • As has been pointed out by several leaders in the Austrian School of Economic Thought over the last 150 years, trade has a peacekeeping element. 2 parties engaged in trade cannot engage in war. If they do, the trade, which is benefiting both sides, ceases.

    Hence you can see that trade, in addition to many other benefits, greatly assists in keeping peace.

  • But it's not just trade that's importantit's fair trade.

    Fair trade means honestyfairness to people purchasing the product or service, and fairness within the marketplace. But it also includes fair wages to the employees of producers, and benefit to the environment in which products are produced.

  • Using this standard, you can see how vitally important fair trade is in todays world, in which not only war is a threat, but also environmental ruin and depletion of resources.

  • Much of the time trade brings economic and civil stability. But when fair trade disappears, people leave. Sometimes such an exodus becomes quite drastic, as we've seen with Syria.

  • When fair trade is denied people long enough, revolutions are also ignitedsomething else weve seen far too much of in recent history. Unfortunately most revolutions end up being the subject, in the future, of more revolutions.

    So which is more effective: revolution or trade?

  • In today's digital world, things are transparent that weren't before. One of these is trade. Unfair trade comes to light very quickly, and word travels throughout the world instantaneously. The sales of a product or service can be shut down almost instantly.

  • This same transparency is what makes fair trade extremely sustainable. When a reputation is good, everyone knows it. A great product, service, company and sales team all have reputations that spread out like ripples in a pond, only infinitely vaster and with far more impact.

  • Since trade is an essential component of peace, we can see that salespeople, since they conduct that trade, are a major force in keeping peace throughout the world.

    Sales is, in fact, our best chance to make a difference in the future.

  • For this and for many other reasons (including their extremely unique talents) we have always maintained that

    salespeople should be respected and supported in their efforts. That is why we have worked so hard to provide a

    CRM solution that truly empowers salespeople to sell.

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