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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>PortfolioPublished Content</p> <p>by Dillon Wright</p> <p>Warning: Dont Count on Disaster-Relief Extension from LDROn May 11, 2016 (five days ahead of filing deadline), the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) issued a press release reminding the public of Mondays deadline []Friday, May 13, 2016Source: BIZ.Magazine</p> <p>Tax Deadline Postponed for North Louisiana TaxpayersFollowing President Obamas disaster declaration for the state of Louisiana, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that affected taxpayers in Louisiana will receive tax relief []Tuesday, April 12, 2016Source: BIZ.Magazine</p> <p>Taxation &amp; Restructuring Options for Student Loan DebtThe rising cost of higher education and the manner in which it is financed (particularly through student loans) have become common topics in major []Monday, May 2, 2016Source: BIZ.Magazine</p> <p>Rental Tax AdviceResidential real estate is frequently owned as investment property for the purpose of collecting income in the form of tenant lease payments. []Wednesday, June 1, 2016Source: BIZ.Magazine</p> <p>Looking to Fly Solo? Consider Forming an LLCSo, youve decided to leave the security of your day job for the excitement of starting a business. Congratulations! Overcoming fear of the []Thursday, March 31, 2016Source: BIZ.Magazine</p>