PR News Content Marketing Bootcamp: Paid Marketing on Facebook & Twitter

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I presented this deck at the PR News Content Marketing Bootcamp event in New York City in June 2013. I was asked to steer my commentary specifically toward paid marketing opportunities on Facebook & Twitter. It's a bit hard to follow without my commentary running alongside it. So, any questions, just shout!

Text of PR News Content Marketing Bootcamp: Paid Marketing on Facebook & Twitter

  • 1.Paid media for PR pros: Facebook & Twitter Leslie Campisi Managing Director, US Hotwire Public Relations June 2013

2. Todays Goal No more thousand-yard stares. 3. Ad Products $5,000+ monthly spend in US 4. Ad Products Promoted Accounts Promoted Tweets 5. /overview 6. /overview Facebook Drops 'Sponsored Stories' As It Pares Down Ad Formats Social Network Has 27 Ad Products But Will Cut That Number by More than Half in Next 6 Months 7. Low(-ish) price of entry Self- serve Analytics First- party cred Un- mess- upable Fail fast Common Ground 8. Promoted Accounts (In my experience), much more common in a consumer context. 9. Promoted Tweets Appear in mid- stream, always clearly visible who promoted them and why you are being targeted. 10. Promoted Tweets Seasonal tie-in As B2B as you can get! 11. Ads 12. Suggested Post 13. Sponsored Story (Mobile) 14. Further Reading 15. Why Paid Media for PR? A rising tide lifts all boats Highly measurable Low barrier to entry/low risk The sign of a mature brand strategy Great content deserves to be merchandised Baby steps toward cross-functional PR/marketing/tech team More than just social for socials sake Different strokes for different folks 16. Why Paid Media for PR? Expand your definition of PR Its all new there are no experts Quantitative skills will rub off into other areas The beginning of an adventure. Where will it lead you? Be the hero with a last-minute save This will appear on the quiz Next time, you will be up here presenting instead of me 17. Homework! 18. Crossover with mobile, location, native ads 19. ? 20. Thank you @lesliecampisi +1 646 738 8961