Preparing for the February 5th Deadline

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  • 1.Using the Restructured Application (Forms B) and Preparing for the February 5th Deadline
    January 2010
    Adobe Forms B &the Feb 5 Deadline

2. GrantSCIENCEGIM 19SPONSORTwo day deadlineNSF Explanation
ContracteGC1IntroductioncoversheetSubContracts GIM 13 10 Day Rule export control Help Desk
ProtocolEXPERIENCEBUDGETIndirect Cost Ratescope of workGrants.govGIM 10
research strategy APPROVALSnational institutes of health Office of ResearchIDC
Research Administration
Expertise in all aspects of research administration is critical to facilitate and support cutting edge scientific discovery at the University of Washington
budget justificationCompliancePRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORAdv Budgets
Advance BudgetseGC1IntroductioncoversheetScope of Work SAGE
Indirect Cost Rateresearch 5 Day Deadlineexport control LEARN
ProtocolGIM 13BUDGETContractCOST SHARING Grants.govGIM 10
Sponsored projectsresearch strategy APPROVALSResearchEXPERIENCE
PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORbudget justificationStudentsapplication
Ready to SubmitGrantSPONSORSCIENCEHuman SubjectsSPAERCExplanationSFI
3. Todays Agenda
Forms B changes
Top & NIH submission errors
UW Business process
Performance site
GIM 19 - UW Deadlines
OSP is your research administration partner
New NIH requirement for RCR (Responsible Conduct of Research)
4. Restructured
NIH Forms B
5. Introduction
NIH restructured application forms and instructions are required for deadlines after 1/25/2010
Competition ID
New form applies to nearly all types of applications
R, T, D, K, U, SC, G, P, Fellowships
Read the RPA or program announcement carefully
Applies to both new and resubmissions
New forms are available on
6. Forms B General Info
Applications submitted with the old forms will be delayed
Validation will not pass at submission
Summary of changes can be found at
School of Medicine checklist for restructured application instructions
7. Short Summary of Changes
Research plan reformatted & reduced to 12 pages or less
Facilities & Resources have modified requirements
Biosketch now begins with a personal statement
8. 1. Research Strategy - NEW
Restructured Research Plan attachments
OLD 3 sections
Background & significance
Preliminary studies/progress report
Research design & methods
NEW Research Strategy with 3 parts
9. Research Strategy
Single PDF file
Approach contains overall research description and 2 sub-sections
Preliminary studies for new applications
Progress Report for renewal/revised applications
List of publications moves to section 5.5.5
Reduced to 12 pages maximum for R01
10. 2. Facilities and Other Resources
Describe how scientific environment will contribute to probability of project success
Early Stage Investigators (ESI) must describeinstitutional investment in the success of the investigator
This section is located:
SF424 R&R Other Project Info
PHS 398 Resources Format page
11. 3. Biographical Sketch
Part A = NEW personal statement
Parts ABC become BCD
No more than 15 publications
Selections based on how recent the publication, importance to the field of research, and/or relevance to the application
4 page limit (no change)
12. Handout
Table of Forms B Page Limits
Checklist for Preparing a Submission-Ready Application
Distributed today
Posted to the OSP website
13. Top Submission Errors
Application requirements not met
Budget miscalculations (e.g. rates, exclusions, dates, totals match to 424)
Dates do not match between periods/forms
Budget totals do not match across all forms
Invalid / inconsistent / missing data(e.g. federal id, budget, resource or data sharing, match to 424, Co-PI for NIH)
14. Top NIH Submission Errors
Co-PI role used by mistake (use co-investigator instead)
Documents not in PDF format
Miscalculation of effort (use person months not percentage of effort)
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15. Degrees