Productcamp Ottawa 2013 Jonathon Moody

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Session Title: The Subscriptions Services Movement Description of Session: New subscription based offerings for consumers and businesses provide an alternative to owning or purchasing products. The most common examples include hosted services such as Netflix and but even traditional products that cannot be delivered online such as Adobes PC software suite and online razor sales (Dollar Shave Club) have made the move to subscription based models. In fact a recent poll from the Economist Magazine Intelligence Unit suggests nearly half of businesses surveyed in the US, UK and Australia are looking to offer a subscription based product in the next 2 years.Jonathon will lead this Town Hall style session sharing his experience and the subscription approach. Join the conversation and explore if your product or business could benefit from being served as subscription or service. Align your consumers interests with yours by creating a relationship instead of a single sale.


  • 1.SUBSCRIPTION Movement SERVICES Jonathon Moody VP Operations, VersatureMonday, 4 November, 13

2. SUBSCRIPTIONS?Monday, 4 November, 13 3. Monday, 4 November, 13 4. MOVEMENT? Newword for renting or leasing? Isntthis just the old lease vs buy debate? Isthe consumer ahead?Monday, 4 November, 13 5. BIRCHBOX thePerfectSubscrip6onBusiness Subscrip)onsindierentcategoriesalreadyexistedon themarketXIXthcentury2007Tradi)onalcategories Magazineandnewspaper2010 Expansiontoother categoriesIntroduc)ontoapparel ShoedazzledisruptedtheCopycatsofShoedazzlesubscrip6onsmarketbysellingnewpairstartedtoappearontheTelcomsandTVofshoesinsubscrip6onformarket(JustFab)SoCwareasaservice$39.90ThemodelhasspreadtoShoedazzleraised$60Minothercategories,e.g.fundingmaleessen6als (Manpacks) Source: birchbox.comMonday, 4 November, 13 6. Monday, 4 November, 13 7. Monday, 4 November, 13 8. CONSUMER GOODS?Monday, 4 November, 13 9. Monday, 4 November, 13 10. FLASH IN THE PAN? Surveyed293 business executives Majorityare changing buying and selling habits to include subscription services 84%believe it will increase revenueSource: Monday, 4 November, 13 11. BUSINESS SENSE? Recurring Canrevenuebe less VC intensive Slowramp up Complexbilling and operations Launchfrom within nonsubscription rm Pricing Monday, 4 November, 13models 12. SUBSCRIPTION Movement SERVICES DISCUSSION Jonathon Moodyjmoody@versature.comMonday, 4 November, 13