Productivity tablet apps for PAs (PA life Nov 2014)

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1. Keeping your officein your bag! 2. Carl BarlowBusiness OwnerDigital MarketerApple geek& Dad 3. Introducing 4. The breakdown 5. The breakdown 6. The breakdown 7. The breakdown 8. The breakdown 9. My reviews 10. Captio1.49Available forCost 11. Captio Make notes for yourself lightning fast Lots of integrations Share notes via email Attach photos or audio 12. Captio Single use app Similar apps available for free (Although the tasktakes longer) 13. FREEAvailable forCostFromTrello 14. Trello Its free! (Unless you need huge attachments) Manage multiple to do lists Allocate tasks to other users Share your lists or make them public Add attachments to any tasks Integrates with some third party software REALLY simple to use 15. Trello Not integrated to email Can only share boards not individual lists 16. Remember the milkFREEAvailable forCostFrom 17. Remember the milk Its free! Lots of integrations Very simple list tracking Even add notes with Siri Online and offline access Email yourself new tasks 18. Remember the milk Some features are only in the premium version 19. Dragon dictationCostFREEAvailable forFrom 20. Dragon dictation Its free! Transcribe any audio to text automatically Multiple language recognition 21. Dragon dictation No built in storage for notes Some overlap with Siri features 22. IFTTTCostFREEAvailable for 23. IFTTT Its free! Convert one action into multiple Community provide vast amount of recipes Really easy to set up 24. IFTTT Not compatible with some other apps 25. FlipboardCostFREEFromAvailable for 26. Flipboard Its free! Simplifies multiple news network stories Discover new content Integrated with social media 27. Flipboard Slightly addictive! 28. CostFREEAvailable forFromBuffer 29. Buffer Its free! Ability to manage multiple social media accounts Schedule posts & tweets Check performance with analytics Really easy to use and set up 30. Buffer Some features need a paid for pro account 31. Log me inCost44.99Available forPer year 32. Log me in Set up with no technical know how Lots of features Always have access to anything on your desktop 33. Log me in May need some tweaks to work on a corporatenetwork There are cheaper alternatives but they are morecomplex to get going 34. DigifyCostFreeAvailable for 35. Digify Control your shared files Restrict downloads, time and copys ofdocuments that you share Self destruct option Integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive Download statistics 36. Digify A very new app Not yet foolproof 37. Last passCostFreeAvailable for 38. Last pass Much better security for all your logins Keeps you up to date with potential securityflaws Additional authentication available Separate personal and business details Works on almost any device 39. Last pass Potential single point of vulnerability Can be a little fiddly to set up 40. Onavo extendCostFreeAvailable for 41. Onavo extend Shrink the amount of data that you use on anydevice Catch data hogging apps Detailed reports Completely invisible 42. Onavo extend Isnt compatible with all apps, such as VOIP orsome video Only works on data networks, not WiFi 43. and one for the road!Quite literally 44. AroundMeCostFreeAvailable for 45. AroundMe Find anything thats near to you Perfect travel companion Find cashpoints, banks, petrol stations, hotelsand much more 46. Is there an app you love? 47. Thank you for listeningKeep in touch@digitaleyes_m /digitaleyesmedia