Professional Office Cleaning Considerations

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Effective office cleaning is an essential part of any business office. Janitorial Services Pros of Portland offers some important considerations to review before making a decision on whether to hire a professional cleaning company before choosing. See additional information here:

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  • 1. Janitorial Services Pros Professional Office Cleaning Considerations

2. Gear up, we're going in Professional office cleaning calls for a whole range of janitorial supplies & equipment. 3. Windex is just the beginning First we need a variety of cleaners to handle everything from serious stains to computer keyboards. 4. 'Clean' isn't enough! But the fact is, we not only want to clean an environment, we typically want to disinfect it as well! 5. Germs = no fun Remember, germs can (and do) end up on practically every surface you can think of. If people are come into contact with those surfaces they can become sick, and even end up spreading the germs even further 6. Who can afford to be sick?? Next thing you know, half the workforce is sick and business suffers (and we just cant afford that these day can we?). 7. Mom's motto I can hear my mother now; An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 8. Mom's motto I can hear my mother now; An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 9. Mom was right (this time) But when it comes to keeping business offices clean - this is a clich that truly does apply. 10. Bottom line: This level of cleanliness and sanitation only happens with regular & thorough cleaning. 11. But here's the problem The problem is everyone 'thinks' they know how to achieve this level of cleaning... 12. Not so fast there mister.. 'Cleaning is just common sense' is something we're used to hearing. But consider this... Most people probably 'think' they know what YOUR job entails, 13. Most don't have a clue do they? But you and I both know that simply isnt the case at all! Professional office cleaning is the same way. 14. Let's remember... Keeping a office clean is basic business sense - because we all know it has a big impact on the attitude of customers and workers alike. 15. Consider the following Lets look at some of the areas of your office you ought to have on your regular janitorial list: 16. Break Rooms Daily cleaning & disinfecting of kitchen & break room areas. Needless to say these places have lots of activity and opportunity to get unsanitoary. 17. Restrooms Restrooms need regular re- stocking and (at least) a daily thorough cleaning. This is especially true for sinks, toilets, and waste-bins. 18. The Entraceway Making a good first impression is a fundamental business goal. A Business entrance which is clean and litter free is the only way to go. 19. 'Please take a seat...' Waiting rooms are a big one. This is where people usually make it a point to notice the cleanliness of the business theyre visiting. 20. Going up! Hallways & elevators are another big office cleaning concern. That's because these areas often get the most traffic, which means they get dirty the fastest. 21. Don't forget the obvious... These are all areas on top of the cleaning the offices themselves and each of these areas can make a big difference in how a businesss image is enhanced (or lost). 22. Thanks Thats it for today folks. All the best! Janitorial Services Pros (keeping it clean in Portland)