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Professional Preparation / Gina ColluraBefore we talk about LinkedIn, some industry-related viewing


Superbowl Spot

Superbowl Spot

Wednesday, Feb 8th, 2017


Professional Preparation / Gina Collura

Part of your job-hunting hustle Wednesday, Feb 8th, 2017


Networking3Social Media + Job huntingCreative agencies are looking for creative ways to find + recruit talent.- This applies to FT jobs + internships

I wouldn't be me without4[Internship Alert!] Apprenticeships/Internships: PAID!

- Jump/Start Program at J. Walter Thompson: Rolling deadline/Program starts: 6/1 FCB Healthcare Summer Internship: Deadline 2/24 [Theres an essay]


Agency Recruitment:


Agency Recruitment


Agency Recruitment:

Networking8Today, were going to emphasize LinkedIn

Networking9Why should you use LinkedIn?

It has380 million members worldwide. And its one of the most popular social networksin terms of active users.

Its widely used to find/recruit creative talent.

Build your network10Where to startAre we connected?Are you connected to all of your Professors?Have you connected with your Internship team yet?

Your LinkedIn Profile11Is your contact info current?Portfolio URLEmail address [not an FIT email address]Phone numberPhoto/Headshot***These apply to your portfolio Web site, too.***

Your LinkedIn Profile12Is your profile current?Is your position at your internship listed?Have you won any awards?Do you have any recommendations/endorsements?Volunteering/Skills to update?

Tips + Tricks13Find and Network with FIT alumFIT AD Alum are working at Avrett,Free,Ginsberg, Big Spaceship, BBDO, HAVAS, Obermann, FCB, TBWA, Saatchi, JWT, Geometry, GHG, Interbrand, Ogilvyamong others.

Theyre freelancing, have their own agencies, are ECDs/CDs/ACDs, are UX Directors, etc.Send them a personalized LinkedIn invitation.***Dont use the generic email.

Connecting on LinkedIn: Example #114Want to work at R/GA?Send custom LinkedIn invites to creative recruiters, ACDs, whomever you met.Reference your field trip last semesterInclude your portfolio linkAsk a question to encourage a reply Can you take a look at my portfolio? Id love to know what you think.

Connecting on LinkedIn: Example #215Want to work at 72andSunny in NYC?Send custom LinkedIn invite to a creative recruiter, Senior AD or Senior CW.Include your portfolio linkAsk a question to encourage a reply Can you take a look at my portfolio? Id love to know what you think. 15

Shifting back to a Summer Internship1672andSunnys HQ is in LA.Their residency program: 16

Networking17Is the LinkedIn app on your phone?

Networking18Job hunting is moving at lightening speed. Replying to a post on LinkedIn can get you an interview.


Networking: www.helloelephant.com20

Networking21Are you following the agencies you want to work at, in the cities you want to work?

Networking22Are you following industry clubs + organizations?

Networking23Your LinkedIn connections should be:FIT Alum, Professors, Your classmates, Industry people youve met at events, Agency Creative Managers and Creative RecruitersGuest speakers (hint, hint)

Networking24Over the next two weeks - Update your LinkedIn profile- Get the LinkedIn app on your phone- Connect with your internship team - Start following companies you want to work for- Send LinkedIn invitations to at least 5 new contacts & include your URL

Keep in mind: Your competitionJunior creatives are getting creativeHire Me backwards25

Keep in mind: Your competition26Agencies dont return emails and phone calls from random young creatives looking for work. They do return emails and phone calls from potential clients.August Laustsen, a young Danish art director looking for agency work in Sweden, was having no luck in his job search. He had contacted all the big agencies in Stockholm, but didnt get a single reply.So, he decided to fake them out a little. He pretended to be a client looking for an agency. (As you can see from the photo above, hes a multitasker of a client, too.)Laustsen sent a letter to a bunch of agencies.

Hire Me backwards


You askedBusiness [promo: 500 cards for $9.99]

*This is not an exhaustive list + you should look to find promo codes + coupons



Parting ThoughtsRADICAL TRUTH #8 Stick your portfolio with a cattle prod. Never let your portfolio get lazy. When it's time to change jobs, your body of work counts a lot more than your batting average on the company softball team. Doing great work isn't just about collecting a glittery shelf of awards -- it's about earning more control over your career and more options for your life. It's currency, literally and figuratively. I've heard that every One Show Pencil adds at least 20 grand to your price tag. What to do if you're struggling to produce great work? Find under-the-radar assignments that people aren't really paying attention to. Develop cool projects for existing clients. Or create as many opportunities as you can outside your job. Do a bunch of genius pieces and try to get them produced for cheap. The infamous, Sally Hogshead in her book, Radical Careering 200529


CLASS ON 2/22: COMBINED CLASSRecruiter from Greenberg Kirshenbaum [Questions]

CLASS ON 3/1: COMBINED CLASS Special Guests: CDs from McCann

CLASS ON 3/8: Lecture on Self-Promos + Leave-Behinds