Putting Big Society into a business context

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  • 1. Winchester Guildhall 13 OctoberPutting Big Society into a business context Victoria WesthorpPolicy Manager, Local Intelligence Team (South East) Office for Civil Society, Cabinet Office
  • 2. Big Society is...Creating a country which feels like a community......where our relationships are better and the glue thatbinds people together is stronger.Where we actually think about peoples well-being whenwe make decisions.These are the things Im most passionate about in publiclife.This is what is in my heart.Its what fires me up in the morning.Anyone whos had even a passing interest in what Ivebeen saying for years will know that. David Cameron, 31 May 2011
  • 3. What role can business playWe need the commitment, creativity and innovation of businesses to helptackle the challenges that confront us, from worklessness to obesity, from thebreak up of families to the break down of communities, from environmentaldamage to economic dislocation.I simply can not think of an area of public policy where the creative thinking ofbusiness wouldnt help in delivering a better outcome.David Cameron, December 2010
  • 4. Terminology Is the ethosLocalism Doing everything at the lowest possible level and only involving central government if absolutely necessary Is the process Giving away power to individuals,Decentralisation professionals, communities and local institutions Is the vision A society where people, neighbourhoodsBig Society and communities have more power and responsibility and use it to create better services and outcomes.
  • 5. The Strategic Framework - long term culture change Promoting Social Action Encouraging and enabling people to play a more active part in society Opening up Empowering Public Services Communities Enable charities, Giving local councils social enterprises, and neighbourhoods private companies more power to take and employee-owned decisions and shape co-operatives to their area compete to offer people high quality services
  • 6. Transferring Power The Localism Bill radical new rights including general power of competence, powers to save local facilities and non domestic rates Transparency Agenda Making Public Data real www.data.gov.uk/opendataconsultation
  • 7. Opening Public Services White PaperFive key principles: Increasing choice Decentralising services Opening services to a range of providers Ensuring fair access Accountability to users and taxpayers
  • 8. Right to Provide - Mutual Pathfinders - Opening up to a range of providesEvery department will put in place Rightsto Provide for public sector workers to takeover the running of services. MCO Nov 201021 PathfindersInitial findings informing governmentMutuals Task Force
  • 9. Mutual Models a range of business structures1. Business Model Social enterprise for Employee-owned Cooperative Trust Social enterprise to Local authority trading investment return and businesses e.g. Circle Schools and reinvest surplus e.g. arms (some) sharing of Healthcare and John Foundation Trusts Central Surrey Health surplus Lewis Shadow or subsidiary Purely community Social Enterprise For profit business organisations benefit2. Ownership and Governance Structure: a wide variety of possible ownership, governance and membership arrangements: Employees Stakeholders as Employees Employees Stakeholders as Employee Government trustees/ wholly owned Community Independent sector members (e,g, in governors (e.g. group(s) Partner Indpt Sector Partner a coop) In a charity) Mutual Joint Ventures3. Legal Forms: a wide variety of legal forms are available Community Societies for the Traditional Charities and Interest Cooperatives Benefit of the companies trusts Companies Community
  • 10. Cutting Red Tape Unshackling Good Neighbours Home office and Department of Education reviews of the CRB and Vetting and Barring regimes Lord Youngs radical review of Health and Safety regulation A rolling Red Tape Challenge to review the validity of regulation in key sectors of the economy
  • 11. Cutting Red Tape - Red TapeChallenge
  • 12. Social Action - Building better connections between Businesses and civil society Reciprocity Pro bono Donations
  • 13. Every Business Commits Building on our Big Society Reduce carbon and protect the environment Improve skills and create jobs Support your community Improve quality of life and well-being Support small and medium-sized enterprises
  • 14. Support your community - New models of giving Business Connectors Community Organisers Community First Social Innovation Fund Social Action Fund
  • 15. Growing the Social investment Market Big Society Capital Technical Assistance Fund Social Impact Bonds
  • 16. Big Society Awards Created to recognise individuals, groups or organisations that are demonstrating the Big Society in their work or activities. The award focuses upon three specific areas: Promoting social action Empowering communities Opening up public services
  • 17. Local Intelligence Team (SE),Office of the Civil Society, Cabinet Office Victoria Westhorp Policy Manager, Local Intelligence Team Office for Civil Society, Cabinet Office victoria.westhorp@cabinet-office.gsi.gov.uk 07786190025