Putting Tumblr into Perspective

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Tumblr is a micro-blogging site where users and brands can leverage the creativity of an open platform to display their interests and passions. It's a blank canvas that allows them to tell their stories through text, pictures, animation, music and video, without design restrictions or character limits. 

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  • 1.ERWIN PENLAND PRESENTSFOOD FOR THOUGHT Putting Tumblr in Perspective November 2013Erwin Penland - Proprietary and Condential

2. What is Tumblr? Tumblr is a micro-blogging site where users and brands can leverage the creativity of an openplatformto display their interests and passions. It's a blank canvas that allows them to tell their stories through text, pictures,animation, music and video, without design restrictions or character limits. Combine that with standard social functionality (likes, favorites and re-blogging) and the community of a large social network and you have theperfectmix. Users can interact witheach otherand brands on individual pages or via the dashboardapersonally curated feed of things that users love from the blogs that they follow, updated in real time.WebsiteSocial Networkcomplete creative control of the open weba massive engaged audienceContrary to popular misconception, Tumblr has been around for almost as long as Twitter. It has been gaining in popularity, as many younger users are migrating away from Facebook to avoid the drama and being on the same site as their parents. It's a place where they cantruly express themselves, away from adults, directly with their friends. Erwin Penland - Proprietary and Condential 3. Tumblr The Tumblr audience skews slightly female and it is certainly younger, with 52% of the audience between the ages of 18-34. However its the youngest demo, 13-17 (18%) that is by far the most active. In fact, they are so active that they regularly hit the 250 postper-day limit, ooding Tumblr with requests to lift this restriction. Tumblr is emerging astheplatformfor educated, ethnic, urban teens to express their creativity and follow brands that they are passionate about, making theplatformeven more attractive to marketers trying to reach thecovetedmillennialaudience.the stats Age Group13-34 Educationcollege LocationGender SLIGHTL Yfemale Ethnicityafricanamerican +asian +hispanicsurban Erwin Penland - Proprietary and Condential 4. Activity & Engagement With the average user spending 90 minutes/month on the platform, Tumblr users are more engaged and active than the other major sites, sharing and engaging with the content. Compared to Twitter, Tumblr is much more community-oriented, as its easier to nd people with similar interests based on the content you follow. The platformcontinues to showcase the personality of users and their passions versus the celebrity self-promotion commonly found on Twitter. The key driver of Tumblr is built on the credibility and follower base of bloggers, and yes, while there are celebrities, creativity is found in its most dedicated users.the stats Global UniquesBlogs133MILLIONDaily Posts225 million Monthly page views80 million20billionMinutes / visit18Erwin Penland - Proprietary and Condential 5. If there is a passion, there is a Tumblr for it Unlike Facebook, which is about you and your history, Tumblr is aplatformto showcase and share your passions and interests. The lack of format restrictionsenables users to create and tell extraordinary stories through various media, to a passionate, highly-engaged audience. The content includes an array of entertainingmemes, photosand gifs that are very sharable.The ability to use pseudonyms is popular with the younger audience as they can share their content selectively with friends versus name-search features on other platforms.Erwin Penland - Proprietary and Condential 6. Brands: IBM IBM has taken a drastic departure from their traditional brand tone to engage younger demo on Tumblr.Thiscampaign is successful because it shows ushow the brand embodies innovation andinvention instead of just telling us. With over 628K monthly unique visitors, IBMcelebrates 20 years of innovation by tellingan engaging story using topicfocusedoriginal content. IBMblr lets curiousconsumers in on secrets that are normallykept behind locked research laboratorydoors. All of the content on the page is centered onideas, innovation and invention, three things that hold our emotive interest.Erwin Penland - Proprietary and Condential 7. Brands: Dennys Dennys has quickly become the most beloved brand on Tumblr among the younger millennial audience. Success has come by speaking to them in their language and formats they prefer, such as memes and animated gifs. By engaging and interacting with them on trendy topics, pop-culture and humor, Dennys has become a must-follow blog and perhaps even more telling, being followed by Dennys has become a sought-after social badge. Another key to Dennys Tumblr success is the utilization of User Generated Content through the submission feature. By highlighting the contented created by their fans, Dennys excels at fostering a true community on Tumblr, one that is authentic and genuine.Erwin Penland - Proprietary and Condential 8. Food for Thought Food For Thought is Erwin Penland's thought leadership platform. It began six years ago witha three-day annual symposium celebrating the intersection of food, creative thinking, entrepreneurialism and social responsibility through events, discussions and of course, dining. The fully experiential gathering is crafted to inspire dialogue and debate amongprominent entrepreneurs, business leaders and creative thinkers from around the countryshowcasing howcreativity is paramount to success in every organization, and in fact, in life. The platform itself has been extended into quarterly client sessions, internal agency training programs, research and marketing trend presentations.For more information: Joe Saracino Chief Marketing Ocer Erwin Penland joe.saracino@erwinpenland.com Erwin Penland erwinpenland.com @erwinpenland on Twitter, Instagram and Vine facebook.com/erwinpenland Food for Thought Conference foodforthoughtconference.com @tconference on Twitter facebook.com/tconferenceErwin Penland - Proprietary and Condential