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Retail Marketing Advertising

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  • *MAIN TOPICSDiscuss retail advertising fundamentals.Summarize the media options for retailers.Media alternatives.Retailing markets ads, e-shopping sites & worlds largest retailers .

  • *Retail AdvertisingRetail Advertising

    Used by merchants to sell products and service directly to consumers.Accounts for nearly half of all the money spent on advertising.Retailers sell through a physical facility.

  • *Local Retail Advertising

    Retail Advertising is Often Called Local Advertising Because the Target Market Often is Local.

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    Retail Advertising is Usually Targeted at People LivingIn the Stores Local Community.

    Consumer Brand Advertising Supports Only the Sponsors Brands; Retail Advertising May Support Several Brands.

    Retail Advertising Directed at the Local Community Has An Inherent Urgency.

    Local Retail Advertising is Customized to Reflect the Local Store.

    Differences Between Local Retailing & National Brand Advertising


  • *Differences Between Local Retailing & National Brand AdvertisingTo Build and Maintain Store Traffic, a Retailer Must Meet Four Objectives:Build Store Awareness Convince Consumers That the Stores Items Satisfy NeedsCreate Consumer Desire to Shop At This Store


  • *Cooperative Advertising


  • *Nonstore Retailing Occurs When the Exchange Between the Manufacturer or Retailer and the Consumer Takes Place Outside the Traditional Retail Store. Reasons For Growth: Consumers Are No Longer Inclined to Spend Hours ShoppingImprovements in Quality and SelectionImprovements in WarrantiesNonstore RetailingImprovements in Mailing ListsThat Target Consumers


  • *Rapidly GrowingIndustry

    Purchase:Computer Products,Travel, Entertainment,Apparel, Gifts, etc.E-Commerce is the Selling of Goods and Services (Commerce) Through the Internet.Online Retailing and E-Commerce

    MayUse Other Media toAdvertise Their Products or Services.

    Attractive to ThoseWho Value Convenience and Dont Have MuchTime.


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  • *Institutional and Product Retail AdvertisingInstitutional Retail

    Sells the retail store as an enjoyable place to shop.Helps a store to establish its image.Loyalty programs fall under this category.Product Retail

    Presents specific merchandise for sale and urges customers to come to the store immediately to buy.Creates a stores reputation through its merchandise.


  • *Trends Affecting Retail Advertising


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    Image or Price

    Price is a FactorIn Image.

    Some Products Are Difficult toDifferentiate (gas).

    Price Can HelpConsumers toComparison Shop.

    Executing Retail Ads

    Main Objective isTo Attract Customers.

    Mention Store Location & Phone.

    May Save Money By Using StockArtwork.

    Who Works onThe Creative?

    In-house Staff


    Ad Agencies


    Creating the Retail Ad


  • *Buying and Selling Local MediaMost rapidly changing area in retail advertising is the buying and selling of local media time and space.

    Media competition has increased significantly.Budgets are tighter.All large markets have at least one local magazine that offers high-quality, four-color ads.New selling tactics are called for.Local Retail Media Strategy

    Local retailers generally prefer reach over frequency.Successful retailers use media that minimize waste, such as direct mail.

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    MagazinesDirect ResponseOnline MediaShoppers &PreprintsDirectoriesBroadcast MediaSpecialtyMedia AlternativesNewspapersLocal Retailers Are Interested Only in Local Media and Usually Select One of the Following:

  • *Purchasing Objectives



    The kind of importance that brand names hold in terms of advertising and marketing is just about unparalleled. Brand names serve like a reference point, it is what defines a business and tells the world what it is all about. Now, there are certain significance's held by brand names in advertising and marketing that cannot be ignored

  • *Brand names are properly selected A few of them are:It is what defines the companyModern trend for amusing namesShort names are easier to remember and promoteName that have tricks or clever meanings are fairly popular

  • *Ads / promotion through CELEBRETIES

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