Rethinking Innovation With Leonardo Da Vinci By Peter Fisk

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Creative Genius. Rethinking Innovation with Leonardo da Vinci ... How can you innovate from the future back, deep diving, tricking up, collabotaitively and in-market? What are th big disruptions to exploit? Where are the new opportunities emerging? What will you do differently? Peter Fisk, author and entrepreneur, builds on his new book Customer Genius (see

Text of Rethinking Innovation With Leonardo Da Vinci By Peter Fisk

  • 1. CREATIVE GENIUS Rethinking innovation with LLeonardo d Vi id da Vinci

2. Leonardo d Vi i L d da Vinci 3. Curiosita ... to b curious and observant i itt be i d b t 4. Dimostragone ... to t y new thi g i t gt trythings 5. Senasazione ... to sense and describe i td d ib 6. Sfumato ... to resolve the p d f t tth paradox 7. Corporalita ... to be fresh and alive p itt b f h d i 8. Connesionz ... to see the bigger pi ti tth bigg picture 9. Arte Scienza ... to balance and combineAt it bd bi 10. The Th new market leaders k l d 11. Ai A i , p iti g pid g th f bi i p p , $ t i i Air Asia, exploiting rapid growth of 2 billion people, $5 trillion 12. App i h , k t become virtual in time and location Apple iPhone, markets b i t i ti d ti 13. F b k, bringing people together Facebook, b i gi g p p t g th iin communities about th iti b t them 14. Team Obama, h b , harnessing th power of networks, blogs and tweetsi g the p f t k,b g dt t 15. Zopa, th new future of b ki g iis consumer to consumer p , theftf banking t 16. Ri , the y pi ity i f t t t f g b i i Rio, th Olympic city rises fastest out of a global crisis 17. The big Th bi power shiftshif 18. West EastMasses NichesBigSmallVolume Profit BusinessCustomers The Big Power shiftsh ighift 19. West to East, iin finance and ideas, business and culturettt, fid id , b id t 20. M to i h , Mass t Niche, no longer to people want to be average g t p ptt b g 21. Big to Small, th speed of change fig t , the p d f h g favours agile businessesgi b i 22. Volume to Profit, it not about being biggest, b t being bestt fit, its t b t b i g bigg t, but b i g b t 23. Business t Consumer, working on their terms not yoursi to, ki g th i tty 24. The Th new market spaces k 25. Women 26. Women : A , seizing th g th in female marketspaces Avon, i i g the growth i f ktp 27. Every year We destroy 44 million acres of forest We lose 100 million acres of farmland We create 15 million acres of new desert We use 160 billion tons of water Our population rise towards 9 billion The rich get richer We want more G Green 28. G Green : Tesla, more sustainable and higher performance, t i b d high p f 29. Networks t k 30. Restart BUSINESS in times of crisis and change West to East Mass to Niche Volume to ProfitCrisis as opportunity From Edison and Gates Green Women Net orks Networks To Aldi and ZopaRedefining markets From Swatch and Apple Purpose Audience Propositions To Karla and NokiaChanging business models From IBM and Skypeyp Partners Channels ServicesNetworks : Current TV, user generated and p p p t kt , To Air Asia and Current TV g t d d people-poweredd 31. The Th power of innovation fi i 32. 1. Innovation from the Future Back. ti f th F t k 33. 1. F t Back ... Virgin Galactic. Future ki gi G ti 34. 2. Innovation as Market Disruption. tiM k t i pti 35. 2. M k t Disruptors ... Tchibo. Market i pthib 36. Consumer broaderview BusinessBusiness narrow narrowviewview BusinessConsumer 3. Innovation by Deep Diving. ti p ii g 37. 3. Deep Dives ... H. p iHeavenly Bedy d 38. 4. Innovation by Co-Creating. ti ti g 39. 4. Co-Creating ... Sample Lab.ti gp b 40. 5. Innovation of Business Models. ti f i Md 41. 5. Business M d ... Zappos. i Models pp 42. 6. Innovation as Border Crossing. ti dig 43. 6. Border Crossing ... Ab. d i g Abercrombie & Fitchbi Fit h 44. TechnicalpossibilitiesConsumer insightsCreative ideasSocial Social entrepreneurial entrepreneurs incubatorCorporate partners Specialist capabilities Sustainableinvestors 7. Innovation by Social Entrepreneurship. ti i t phip 45. 7. Social Entrepreneurs ... Grameen Danone. it p G 46. Think different Thi k diff 47. Now is th ti for innovation w i the time f inn ti n 48. Peter Fisk is an author, speaker and consultant www.