Revenue Disruption

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Game Changing Marketing & Sales Strategies to Accelerate Growth in your Company!

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  • 1. Revenue DisruptionGame Changing Marketing & Sales Strategies to Accelerate Growth in your Company! Will Scully-Power Managing Director Datarati

2. Limited ChoiceSales WereHistorically InControl 3. Internet & Social MediaBuyer Is Now In Control Of TheBuying Process 4. Sales is from Mars Marketing is From Venus 5. CollaborationMarketing+ Sales 6. Disruption is Accelerating Nothing is Confidential 7. 5 Stages of Grief Be Transparent & Grow Faster 8. Companies exist to create REVENUE 9. Expensive & Inefficient Processes 20-30% of Total Revenue is Spent On Marketing & Sales 10. There is nothing left to cutWhere Can YouDrive Efficiency and Value? 11. What you need is real sustainedGet Marketing & Sales AlignedOn This Core Mission 12. Now comes the hard work Get Help! 13. This is a big idea.. And bigger than 14. And bigger than 15. Its the entire organisation! 16. Learning from Define. Measure. Analyse. Improve. Control. 17. Rethink the Roles. Responsibilities.Metrics. Processes. 18. Revenue Performance Management (RPM) 19. Death of the Sales CycleBirth of the Revenue Cycle 20. Business Processes need to beSupported by Technology 21. Welcome to the RevolutionEvolve Before Your Competitors Do 22. The First Steps CEO InitiativeMarketing & Sales own Revenue MetricsInvest in Software to AutomateEngage Professional Services help 23. Call to Action for Everyone TodayTransform The Way You Create, Manage And Accelerate Revenue! 24. How to get started 25. Welcome to the Future!