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Salesforce Technical Architect Certification

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  • 1. Technical ArchitectcertificationMatthias Urbanski Partner Enablement EMEA

2. 3. Pre-Requisites Must be developer certified Must be part of a Salesforce practice Has the pre-requisites in terms of industry experience 5 years in industry, 2+ as architect Committed to taking the Architect exam by the end of the year 4. Results & observations from FY 12 Certification announced at Dreamforce last year Three step exam We held three review board sessions so far We accommodated everyone who was eligible for the review board We currently have 24 Certified Architects SFDC = 13 , Platinum = 7 (includes Centerstance), Non Platinum = 4 Pass rate is increasing 151 candidates have passed TA Evaluation 66 Platinum, 85 others Weekly dashboard is being sent to Management Solid architecture background is required developers with just isntsufficient! Pass rate with re-takes is very low this is not an exam you can cram for andpass. 5. How are we helping candidates prepare? Study group in Chatter Monitored by me, other tech architects & certification team Dozen+ videos Useful discussions Chance to do dry run and get feedback Review board schedules are available Office hours one per month starting March Time will be announced in the chatter group New videos are being recorded Transition program to move experienced architects fromJava / .NET to being piloted with Accenture thismonth 6. What should you do? Have planning session with your partner manager Identify candidates Do you have a budget ( $6500 / candidate) ? When will they take step 1, Step 2 & plan to appear for the review board? Capture it on this form (either you or the partner can dothis) It will help us with capacity planning for review boards Have the candidates join the study group 7. Topics & Format Topics in the Architect Exam study guide Scenario / case study driven Solve & present to group Group discussion on how to make the right architectural choice Supplemented with lectures as appropriate Goal is to help candidates think like an architect - we willNOT do simulated multiple choice, sample questions etc. Bootcamps are offered, two and half days long 8. Have questions?We are here to help - Call me!Send an email [email protected]