Selling QR Codes

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Brief guide for selling QR codes with promotional products


  • 1. Selling QR Codes
    Presented by David Schaaf
    Newton Manufacturing Company

2. Whats A QR Code?
Quick Response Codes
2-dimensional barcode
Invented in Japan in 1994
3. How Do They work?
Code scanned by smartphone
Marketing content pops up on phone
Mobile site
Opt in
Contact info
Social media
4. Popping Up Everywhere
5. Why the Big Deal?
Smartphone usage increasing
50% adoption by end of 2011
25% access Internet via phone over PC
Less intrusive the texting
Immediate engagement
6. Marketing with QR Codes
Content most important part
Must be relevant to audience
Mobile friendly
Valuable, informative and/or entertaining
7. Marketing with QR Codes
Which Wich
8. Marketing with QR Codes
John Fluevog Shoes
9. Marketing with QR Codes
10. Where to Get QR Codes
Several websites create them for free
Enter info, output an image
Client can create an account for tracking
11. QR Codes and Promo Products
Minimum size - .75 x .75
Mostly flat surface
One contrasting color
TEST the code
Before submitting to factory
Spec samples
12. Client Wants a QR Code, Now What?
If they DO have a code
Handle it like normal artwork
Vector conversion if necessary
If they DONT have a code
Ask for the URL, contact info, etc.
Newton will create the code
If they DONT have a code or content
Work with CRG to create content
13. If you dont remember anything else
Minimum requirements
Minimum imprint size - .75 x .75
Mostly flat surface
At least one contrasting color
TEST, TEST, TEST spec samples