Selling The Value: Social Enterprise

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How to get the right message, to the right customer in the right way.


  • 1. Selling the value

2. Why are youPassionate Connectionshere? 3. Passionate ConnectionsWhat is Marketing 4. PassionateConnections 5. Insert headerLive in their shoes Co-ordinated /integrated markting 6. Insight is key...Its all aboutdiscovery 7. Where can youfind insight? 8. What you do bestValue proposition 9. What you do best Explore our dependence on the natural world, rebuilding connections between people and nature. Its cool if I want to lick itSteve Jobs 10. A Brand lives only in our mindsAnadvertising message Relationships 11. Communicate what yourcustomer gets not what you do 12. Reason leads toconclusions, emotionleads to action.Neurologist Donald Calne 13. Insert header Create an emotional connectionGet yourself noticed 14. Where to place your message? 15. Insert header Create an emotional connection 16. AmnestyInternational 17. When is enough, enough...? 18. Dont forget 19. Group Workshop- Getting to Customer InsightInsert examples of right- Getting your messageemotional campaignsKey customer painThe benefit you deliverWhy you do it the best 20. Summary Know your Define yourstakeholdersvalue MonitorCommunicateand reviewwhat yourcustomer gets Plan, Plan,Engageplanemotionally