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<ol><li> 1. Need To Sell Your Gold for Cash?Its not a bad idea to sell your used jewelry , gold jewelry or coins to help you ride out therecession. Before locating a gold buyer Los Angeles its important to look at the market valuefor gold and understand that youll get a portion of the value and not the full market value foryour gold. This is because the gold buyer will have to melt the gold so they will not pay anythingfor the artisanship or style of jewelry. Gold dealers pay a smelter fee which can be up to 30% ofthe value to refine the precious metal- so this amount is the buyers profit.In addition to the smelter fee its important to consider that some gold items are purer andmore valuable. Pure gold is considered 24 karat or 24k. There is also 18 karat, 14 karat and 10karat. The higher the karat also means higher in value.Its also important to do your research and find a reputable gold buyer when deciding to sellyour gold jewelry. With the downturn in economy the last few years there has been countlessads over the radio, internet and print ad about selling your gold for cash or sending in your goldby mail- I would be wary of these types of transactions since you have very little control onceits out of your hands. Gold offers by mail not only require you to wait for an envelope, youwont even know how little they plan on paying you until they already have your gold. Thesegold refiners offer many promises with a large return but take the time to consider the fact thatyoure mailing gold which is just like sending someone cash in the mail. If you do choosesending in your gold, make sure to insure the package by the postal service either by you or thecompany that your mailing it to.By going to a local cash for gold San Jose shop, you can guarantee that a reputable andlegitimate local company will pay the maximum value for your gold, without the hassle or thewait. There are appraisers ready to take in all of your old and unwanted gold jewelry, even if itis damaged and tarnished. There has never been a better time to sell gold in Los Angeles. Cash </li><li> 2. for gold Los Angeles shops have done the research and know that gold prices are very high, andare ready to buy your gold.Dont trust a fly-by-night mail-order company when you can control the transaction on hand.</li></ol>