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This session is a quick moving brain dump of how to use the most advanced powerful tools to help you with SEO. Expect to learn how you can walk out and use several SEO tools to grow revenues today.Wil Reynolds, Associate, SEER Interactive (Twitter @wilreynolds)


<p>Session title</p> <p>My Favorite SEO Tools 2009 editionWil Reynolds, Associate, SEER Interactive</p> <p>Tools for SEONew tools&amp; Oldies but goodies revisited</p> <p>Twitter: @wilreynolds (one l)</p> <p>Lesson Learned from a Hangover</p> <p>It all started with a hangover</p> <p>Client use of dog breeds by gender to jumpstart print campaign testing</p> <p>One of the most overlooked metrics SEOs should start evaluating TODAY</p> <p>Bounce Rates &amp; SEOHow do you know when your rankings stop driving increases in leads / sales for your business?</p> <p>my rankings are the same but my business from search is down?</p> <p>Bounce Rate Impact on SEO Case Study +Impact Analysis</p> <p>Bounce Rates - Case StudyWe evaluate bounce rates daily for each keyword (daily=catch problems quick)</p> <p>Caught a page 1 keyword with a sometimes 80% bounce rate for a client</p> <p>Homepage ranked for product search instead of product page</p> <p>Bounce Rates - Options1 Target a new page (risk = losing ranking)or2 Dynamically change products on homepage based on high bouncing keywords (risk = over aggressiveness)Showed first 3 products to match this high bouncing word groupresult</p> <p>Bounce Rates - ResultsRanking is still on page 1Bounce rate for this product was cut by over 20%Sales for his product increased 2x%</p> <p>And we didnt improve their ranking</p> <p>Bounce Rates Your takeaways1 If you are analyzing SEO by where you rank you would never have caught this issue - analyze SEO by more than just rankings to maximize SEO efforts2 Trend out your bounce rates for top keyword buckets &amp; trend conversion metrics too - impact of rank and bounce rates on conversions3 Take action!4 HINT: Scale this with GA API or your analytics providers API</p> <p>MSN Commercial Intent</p> <p>MSN Commercial IntentWhy you should care:Affiliates need to know research vs. commercial queriesMarketers need to know what kind of message to put in front of someone</p> <p>MSN Commercial Intent</p> <p>MSN Commercial Intent</p> <p>MSN Commercial Intent</p> <p>MSN Commercial IntentThe plural is much more likely to be commercial according to our snowboards vs. snowboard test.</p> <p>This is true for some of our e-commerce clients</p> <p>MSN Commercial IntentLook for queries highly skewed to one or the other (commercial vs non) look for high degrees of confidenceTest against your own data set on keywords that are currently ranking well before taking this tool at face valueIf accurate place more value in the tool</p> <p>Affiliates need to be taking advantage of hot keywords</p> <p>Hot KeywordsMAJOR competitive advantageBig companies move slowTheir inability to act for mid / long tail / hot keywords = opportunity for you</p> <p>Rising Searches Google Insights</p> <p>Hot KeywordsProduct getting hot? How do you rank for it?Tip: Move it up one level in the hierarchy possibly link from homepage in a hot product section. </p> <p>Hot Keywords</p> <p>Hot Keywords</p> <p>Takeaway from</p> <p>Top 200 products are always at most 2 clicks from the homepage</p> <p>Hot KeywordsBy the time your big competitors get wind of a trend, and get approval, youll be on to the next opportunity.</p> <p>Be NIBLE!</p> <p>Suit = Slow = Opportunity for you!=</p> <p>Competing with Large BrandsGoogles algorithm seems to be favoring large brands more and more, youve got to find ways to compete, this is one of the ways.</p> <p></p> <p>Hot Keywords</p> <p>LinkbuildingLinkbuilding is about exposure to stimuliYou cant have all the ideasYou need a SparkPut yourself in a position to have great ideas</p> <p>Linkbuilding is about exposure</p> <p>My linkbuilding sparks</p> <p></p> <p>My linkbuilding Trends</p> <p>My linkbuilding sparksGoogle Trends</p> <p>How do you measure up?</p> <p>Graphical representation of where you are weak SEOMOZ labs</p> <p>How do you measure up?</p> <p>Graphical representation of where you are weak SEOMOZ labs</p> <p>How do you measure up?</p> <p>How do you measure up?</p> <p></p> <p>Rising Keywords in your backyard</p> <p>How do you find keywords / sites that are significantly creeping up in traffic over the last 7 days?</p> <p>Enhanced Google Analytics</p> <p></p> <p>Enhanced Google Analytics</p> <p>Enhanced Google Analytics</p> <p>Enhanced Google AnalyticsRising keywords that start driving traffic will sometimes be dwarfed by higher traffic terms depending on the report length = no visibility in GA. </p> <p>Google Analytics for GreasemonkeyThis tool will help youFind rising keywords Find rising referral sitesUnderstand the correlation between ranking movement and traffic movement</p> <p>How to use tools for SEO</p> <p>Linkbuilding Tools</p> <p>HubfinderThis tool will help youFind which competitors / sites in the top 10 are linked from the same sourcesFind someone linking to 3 of your competitors and not you whos also ranking well for your target keyword</p> <p>HubfinderPaid Version:</p> <p>URLs for</p> <p>Opportunity Found w/ Hubfinder</p> <p>Opportunity Found w/ HubfinderHow does have a wikipedia link?</p> <p>(Hint, I think wikipedia links help)</p> <p>Hubfinder vs. Linkdomain searchSearch for sites linking to several competitors but not you (Yahoo only):Voip phone</p> <p>Hubfinder vs. Linkdomain searchHubfinder is showing sites that are ranking for your target keyword.Linkdomain search doesnt have that added quality check, so expect to use a tool like SEO Quake or SEO Toolbar for firefox to export your linkdomain searches into excel.</p> <p>Hubfinder vs. Linkdomain search</p> <p>Linkbuilding is Delicious</p> <p>Linkbuilding Delicious &amp; Twitter</p> <p>Who was at my session in Vegas?</p> <p>It is the KEY to quality linkbuilding, vids are on still.</p> <p>Keyword Battles?</p> <p>Keyword Battles?</p> <p>Fighting Internally on what keywords to use? </p> <p>Seed Keywords</p> <p>Seed Keywords</p> <p>Structuring a KW testWarning, be very very non-descript in your test. Dont ask someone what word theyd type in to find an ink cartridge</p> <p>Keyword Battles?Try something likeWhat would you type in after your printer tells you its out of ink?-or-What would you type in to find a computer you could take with you when traveling</p> <p>New things to keep an eye out for</p> <p>How do retailers get chosen?</p> <p>New things to keep an eye out forHow will these tests impact CTRs on Commerce Queries in natural SERPS?</p> <p>Compete.comAgain, verify against your own data before making changes to your strategyAsk your friends to do the same.These tools can be WAY off sometimes</p> <p>Lazy Bloggers Keyword Research</p> <p>Bring your keyword research tool right into your blog platform</p> <p>Why Cant We Be Friends?</p> <p></p> <p>*********************************************************************</p>