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  • 1. The Seven BloggingVirtues for building a Global MicrobrandNotes from the SXSWi 2007 Global Microbrand panel

2. Disclaimer This is not about how you should blog.Its about one possible path to getting more readers when youre trying to build a Global Microbrand.You should always blog for yourself, but if you want more readers, you should also blog for them.Global Microbrand is a concept of Hugh MacLeod. To learn more, visit his site: 3. The 7 Virtues Be Grateful 4Be Humble 4Be Patient 44 Be Generous Show Respect 4Be Motivating 4Be Brave 4 4. Be Grateful 5. Be Gratefultracks 55 million blogs Our readers time and attention is a gift. Out of all the possible things that our readers could be doing (or reading), the fact that anyone comes to our blog at all is incredible. We must be grateful and try to give something of value in return. 6. Be Humble 7. Be HumbleUnless youre one of the rare cult personalitieson the internet, people arent reading your blogbecause of you... theyre reading it because ofwhat it can do for them. An All About Me blog is fine, but not if you wantmore readers. What we do and think isnt nearlyas interesting to potential readers as it is to us. A little name-dropping is OK, but is knowing thatyou just had dinner with [insert web celeb] worthyour readers time? 8. Our job is to help make the reader brilliant, not to get readers to think were brilliant. 9. Be Patient 10. Be PatientIts not going to happen overnight. Dont be in a hurry for big numbers...itsbetter if people discover your blog after youvealready made a lot of useful, helpful posts.That way, when new readers DO come, theyllsee that theres a reason to come back... thatyoure more than just a one-hit wonder. 11. Be Generous 12. Be GenerousGive away whatever knowledge you can.Teach people to do what you do.Dont hoard your secret sauce. Remember, theyre giving you a very preciousgift of their scarce attentionits up to you togive something of value in return. 13. Give them superpowers 14. Show RespectShow that you appreciate the value of their time. Dont post for quantity, post for quality. If youdont have something that you believe is worththe readers time, think twice about posting. One example of showing respect: I use graphicsin my posts so that readers dont have to takethe time to read the whole post... they can get90% from the graphic. 15. Be MotivatingSometimes people just want to hear someoneelse say what theyve been thinking (or tryingto tell people).A reader might want to use one of your poststo help make a point with others.(Outside Expert Syndrome) Inspiration and motivation are a gift you cangive your readers. Help light a fire in their brain. 16. Talk to their BRAIN not justtheir mind. 17. Its all about theneurons 18. Be Brave 19. Be BraveWriting for your readers is not the same thingas writing only what readers want to hear. If everyone loves everything you write, itsprobably mediocre. The more readers you get, the more criticsyoull get. Some will have valid points. Otherswill be frustrated or jealous a**holes with toomuch time on their hands. 20. Actual post 21. Bottom line: 22. Dont blog the cat 23. Its not aboutYOU. 24. The good news is... you can do this without a big (or any) marketing budget.