Simple Ideas for Salon Marketing

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  1. 1. Simple Ideas for Salon MarketingSuccessful salons should be able to deliver more than great haircuts, amazing colors, andfabulous makeup. To have clients lining up and to effectively instil loyalty in each one, everysalon needs a strategic marketing for hairdressers plan.Take these simple marketing ideas and let it help you boost your sales:Cater your services to your location.The location of your salon determines the type of clientele youll have. So determine the agegroup, the kind of lifestyle and the overall fashion sense of your possible clients. Gather thisinformation and use it as the basis of your salon promotion.Create a warm and amiable atmosphere in your salon.Give clients the special treatment. Offer them juice or coffee; lend them magazines; cut throughtheir waiting time by chatting with them about anything and everything. In other words, just befriendly. The moment they walk-in, greet them with a smile and usher them in as if they are longlost friends. It doesnt matter if they came in just for a trim or a grand makeover, treat themnicely.Keep business cards handy.Before saying goodbye to customers, hand them a card and politely ask them if they could sendfriends of theirs your way. If they were truly happy with your salons services, theyll be glad torecommend you to people they know.Set a good example.Hairdressers should have good haircuts. Makeup artists should have pretty makeup. Hair colorspecialists should have vibrant and shiny colored hair. Its vital that salon employees shouldwalk the talk.Team up with a local internet marketing company and put up a website.For example, if your salon is located in Brisbane, get in touch with a web marketing Brisbanecompany. Ask them to create a website that reflects your salons identity. This would greatly helpyou in terms of branding.Having a website is an effective way to spread the word about your business. You can harnessthe power of social mediaincluding but not limited to Facebook and Twitterto drive leads toyour website and potentially new clients for your salon.