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1. Can you answerYES to any of these questions? If youcan,TruckLendersUSA shouldbeyourSprinterPartner. www.TruckLendersUSA.com sales@TruckLendersUSA.com Ask us about our Android & iPhone apps, available now. 877-233-1475 Has Mercedes Financial tapped out your client? Is your clients credit 650 or better? Is your client looking to add a new unit to his fleet? Credit Requirements: 2 years in business. If they are less than 2 years we may require an additional 25% percent down (however their credit will have to score 725 or better). 650 Minimum Fico + Application only To $75k no financials! We can also finance the bolted equipment Vocational Plumber Trucks Delivery Trucks Shuttle/Passenger Crew Trucks Fabrications