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Pitches should be short and informative. It's essential that startup entrepreneurs be able to answer the following questions in a pitch. What is the problem you're solving? Who is this for? Who's the customer? What makes this unique or defensible? Can I copy it? Does it stand out? Is it interesting in some way? Whats the market opportunity?


  • 1.Pitching ideas.Shortend manual for pitchesGIULIANO IACOBELLIco-founder @Stamplay

2. Pitch Types ElevatorCompetitive InvestorDuration1 min 2 - 5 min 20 minPurposeEvery dayExcitementInformationFormatClear Structured Data Intensive 3. ReminderPITCHING IS HARDrenePitch Result Feedback 4. Keep in mindINVESTORS HAVE SEEN A LOT OF PITCHESYOU SHOULD BE:1. DIFFERENT (SHORT AND CONCRETE)2. ORIGINAL (INVOLVE YOUR AUDIENCE) 5. What investors care?TEAM 6. What investors care? TEAM 7. What investors care? TEAM 8. INTRODUCING TEAM THEY WANT TO KNOW YOUR TEAM ANDWHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL SO TELL THEM: NAME EXPERTISE WHAT MAKES YOU A GREAT TEAM 9. What to say chart 10. What to say chart 11. What to say chart 12. Elevator Pitch My company, [NAME], is developing[OFFERING], to [TARGET AUDIENCE],[SOLVE A PROBLEM], with [YOUR AMAZING SOLUTION] 13. The Oer1. Be Specic2. Avoid Buzzword3. Skip Adjectives and superlatives 14. The Audience1. Identify Demographics2. Specity your market3. Clarify the buyer 15. The Problem MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE CANUNDERSTAND THE OFFERING.GIVE HINTS OF THE BUSINESS MODEL. 16. The Amazing solutionEXPLAIN WHAT MAKE YOUR BUSINESS UNIQUE 17. YOUR TURN. 18. Thanks.