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How to create your System and being a part of a new business and community? Making a Change, something you want to invest in to set up your system in your environment. Change your story and use the new communication and articulating tool Syntony Conversation~


  • 1. Strategy Story StateSyntony Leadership

2. An Introductory Course 3. Story & Strategy 4. New Paradigm Leadership 5. What is your Story? 6. Syntony Conversation 7. Strategy of Syntony 8. Change your life 9. Invest in your life 10. Work because you love it 11. BE A LIFE CHANGER IN SYNTONY 12. Syntony LeadershipCEO Sarah Verwei 13. A new map a new language 14. Dialogues for Change 15. Welcome in Kortgene the Netherlands,SPUIKOM 14 4484 16. CEO Marcel Verwei 17. Professor Ervin Laszlo ~ the Psi- FieldTheory 18. Alexander Laszlo Introducing theSyntony Master Class 19. OFFERING THE INTRODUCTORYCOURSE IN 2015 20. PLEASE CONTACT US Sarah Verwei Marcel Verwei CEO Syntony Leadership For more information to collaborate with usyou can find us on Facebook & LinkedIn