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Stress Management best slides ever

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  • 2. Raashid Javed Mudasra Amjad Sumera Tabassum Abdul Latif Sajjad Hussain Muhammad Hassan (32) (21) (38) (01) (34) (24)
  • 3. Thanks to Sir Hassan Danial who give us this such a nice opportunity. & Thanks to all our audience.
  • 4. The mental and physical response of our bodies to the changes and challenges in our live The bodys inability to effectively manage/deal with any given situation whether it is positive or negative It is your reaction to any stimulus that YOU cannot deal with
  • 5. Stress begins in our mind Then it effects our emotions And in turn produces some sort of Physical Behavioral Spiritual Response
  • 6. Believe it or not stress is essential to life. positive stress that presents the opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction There is that stress that is good for us, it is called Eustress, it actually gets us out of bed in the morning, it helps us to improve performance and to get things done.
  • 7. 1. Enables concentration. 2. Increase Performance. 3. Energies you in to action.
  • 8. The stress that presents problems is what we will focus on today It is called Distress Negative stress that results in debilitative stress and strain
  • 9. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Loss of Motivation. Reduces effectiveness. Physical Problems. Mental Problems. Behavioral Problems.
  • 10. Any physical, social, or psychological event or condition that causes the body to adjust to that situation Adjustment may cause strain or wear and tear on our bodies and minds The things that create stress for us are called stressors Stressors can be either positive or negative
  • 11. Physical conditions such as heat or cold, Stressful psychological environments such as working conditions and abusive relationships.
  • 12. Physical elements such as infection or inflammation, or psychological problems such as worrying about something.
  • 13. Stress affects the whole body and the symptoms can be emotional, cogniti ve, behavioral or physical.
  • 14. Moodiness Irritability or short temper Agitation, inability to relax Feeling overwhelmed Sense of loneliness and isolation Depression or general unhappiness
  • 15. Memory problems Inability to concentrate Poor judgment Seeing only the negative Anxious or racing thoughts Constant worrying
  • 16. PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS Aches and pains Diarrhea or constipation Nausea, dizziness Chest pain, rapid heartbeat Frequent colds
  • 17. BEHAVIORAL SYMPTOMS Eating more or less Sleeping too much Isolating yourself Procrastinating Neglect responsibilities Using alcohol Cigarettes Drugs to relax Nervous habits (e.g. nail biting,)
  • 18. Indeed, stress symptoms can affect your Body, Thoughts and feelings, Behavior.
  • 19. Headache Muscle tension or pain Chest pain Fatigue Stomach upset Sleep problems
  • 20. Anxiety Restlessness Lack of motivation or focus Irritability or anger Sadness or depression
  • 21. Overeating or underrating Angry outbursts Drug or alcohol abuse Tobacco use Social withdrawal