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Jay the image consultant

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Transform who you are into who you wants to be

Jay, personal and corporate image, etiquette and communication advisor and consultant , is the leading provider of impression management, etiquette , communication , Personality development, Life management seminars, workshops and courses since 2007

Jay the image consultant

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Mission• Our aim is to ensure that the Impressions you create

in your personal or business life enhance and optimize your Unique Image and Lifestyle. We guarantee you will look your personal best, feel good about yourself and exude a magnetism that will draw people to you. comment on your new look, compliments make your self esteem and confidence soar to new heights.We offer a full range of services for men and women, teenagers, individuals and corporations. Looking fabulous is not limited to your size, shape, age, status or budget.

Jay the image consultant

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Services we offer

• Total image transformation• Personal makeover/style makeover• Effective personality development• Effective communication skills• Personal Make up course (basic and advance)• Counseling ( personal , professional ,

relationship )• Corporate image managements

Jay the image consultant

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Areas of our Expertise• Overall personality analysis• Full body analysis• Color analysis• Wardrobe analysis• Communication skills (verbal and non verbal )• Etiquette consulting • Style makeover• Make up courses

Jay the image consultant

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Overall personality analysis includes:• What are your personality traits?• Strengths, weakness, fears• Interpersonal skills• Values, beliefs• Attitude• Self worth • confidence• Thought patterns

Jay the image consultant

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wardrobe analysis includes the following:• Body structure analysis• Skin tone color analysis• What colors to wear • Review of current wardrobe• How to create new outfits from your closet• How to utilize your accessories• What styles work for your body type• Recommendations for new garments needed• How to coordinate your shoes with any outfit• Style tips and fashion advice

Jay the image consultant

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Communication• How to make your communication effective• How to put an end to feeling self-conscious and stuck for

words when you meet new people• A simple way to get your point across with impact and avoid

confusion• Never again freeze up and have your mind go blank when

all eyes are on you• How to become such a good listener that people are hungry

to talk to you• How to laugh in the face of rejection and smile at negativity• The best way to command attention when you talk and

make sure people listen to every word you say

Jay the image consultant

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Etiquette consulting

• Business etiquette (or corporate etiquette)• Communication etiquette• Dining etiquette• International etiquette (or international

protocol)• Social etiquette• Wedding etiquette

Jay the image consultant

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Style makeover

• It will consist of a preliminary consultation and analysis of the following: Face, Body, Skin, Color, Hairstyle and Fashion Personality.

• You will get a makeover by making your unique style of dressing, hair styling which makes you look attractive and fetch you compliments which in turn boost your confidence level

Jay the image consultant

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Corporate image management• Overview of the Customer service Industry• Consumer behavior• Product knowledge• Communicating with the internal & external

customer• Effective communication skills for every situation• Etiquette (Telephone, E-mail, social,

business/corporate)• Complaint handling

Jay the image consultant

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• Addressing Information needs of the customer• Customer relationship management• Building positive attitude• Business writing skills• Decision making• Effective business communication skills• Interpersonal communication skills• Personal effectiveness• Team building• Leadership skills• Time management• Stress management

Jay the image consultant

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Teaching methodology• This we do through

-lectures by our faculty & industry experts-case study-role playing-Group discussions-presentationsAssessment

• Internal assessment will be conducted at the regular intervals and feedback is provided to each individual personally

• Final assessment will be conducted at the end of the teaching term.

Jay the image consultant

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Work experience• we have work with many institutes like Soft dot

, NIMS , D.I.C.S , V.S.R , BSL (vikas puri) and many more …

• Wrote daily columns on fashion and trends, beauty, lifestyle, décor, health and travel for which I interviewed experts of these varied industries and researched on these topics.

• We are also consulting expoze magazine and expoze Model Hunt and provide training to inter continental models.

Jay the image consultant

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• Handled the column called ‘Ask the expert’ for Msn which had eminent personalities and experts from all walks of life to answer questions of the readers this included coordination on a weekly basis with 8 panelist and editing the questions and answers and uploading it on the site.

• Conducted seminar and workshop in schools, colleges and organization for personality development ,Stress Management ,Time Management ,Motivation ,effective communication and etiquette

Jay the image consultant

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Some of the makeovers performed by us

Jay the image consultant

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Before After

I was a home maker and was not very confident about myself but after I joined jay the image consultant my confidence level boast up and I started my own parlor. Now I am a owner of Riya beauty parlour, Ramesh nagar Jay the image consultant

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KalpanaBefore After

I am working in a Hr department of an Insurance company ,I wanted makeover as I am preparing to get married.

Jay the image consultant

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Jay the image consultant

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Jay the image consultant

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Jay the image consultant

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Jay the image consultant

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Jay the image consultant

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Jay the image consultant

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Jay the image consultant