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Learn great team work skills from these famous fictional "super" teams. You may know them from movies, television and othe forms of pop culture but the lessons they can teach are just as important, if not more, than the ones you can learn in the real world.


  • 1. THE AVENGERS _, When you unite a team of . - strong-willed,superchargedpersonalities against a clever enemy, sparks (literally! ) are bound to fly.Tosteer all that explosive power in theright direction,they had to focus onthe mutual goal of defeating Loki and his alien army. & STRATEGY:'-. , , . u / , .0 - A I T of COURAGEOUS CAPT,CRUSHING HULK:-. ... .,, _,, ,..The Avengers prevailed by relying on eachmember's special talents.The brute strength of Thorand the Hulk,the sharp wit of Tony Stark,the unwavering leadership of Captain America,the stealth of Black Widow,and the flawless aim of Hawkeye all played a role in crushing the opposition.Build an innovative dynamic with the unique strengths of your crew! HERE AND NOW:Despite clashing values,the Avengers focused on the situation athand.Rather than getting caught up on your coworker's background, choose to respect what they bring to the table as a partner in progress. DON'T RELY ON A TRUMP CARD:Much of Capt's combat strategy relies on his shield,while BruceBanner risks rampant rage if pushed too for.Seek to understand eachteam member's weaknesses so that you can balance each other outand avoid the pitfalls of giving an otherwise competent person a taskthey may struggle with. GUARDIANS -or THE GALAXYThe Guardians of the Galaxy began as a group of unruly misfits.Punches,kicks,knives,branches,bullets,death threats,and ancient artifacts were hurled between the lot of them.Money was their initial impetus in forming an effective(if volatile) truce,but a vengeful super villain known as Ronan the Accuser drove them to unite on a deeper level. & STRATEGY: WE ARE GROOT:United we stand,divided we fall.If compassion becomes a part of the company culture,it will be easier to shrug off failures and lift each other back up. STAR-CROSSED WEIRDOS:Would the Guardians have escaped the prison without Rocket's nutty plan?What if Star Lord didn't bust out those slick dance moves?Embrace the eccentricity of your team.Weird ideas can ignite into the bounty of a lifetime. THE GREATER GOOD:It can be tempting to to pursue work with only your gain in mind.The truth is,you can all go further if you align your goals with that of your team. MIGHTY DUCKSThe District 5 Pewee Hockey Team I. -" had underdog beginnings:no ', -" practice facility,no equipment,and _. "no ability.After a DWI,lawyer Gordon Bombay was sentenced to coach the team as community service.He promotes foul play inorder to win,only to have the team : ',. k'EJ'EJl)oN oppose his underhanded tactics.a,They soon rise up and reinvent both ". _ themselves and Bombay.They "3 become the Mighty Ducks."-TOMMY DUNCAN& STRATEGY: V FORMATION:V is for victory!Just as ducks join together in formation,the Mighty Ducks are more mighty than the sum of their parts.Channel your inner duck and get in line with your team. PLAY FAIR:Personal responsibility is metamorphic.When Bombay come clean,he achieved more success and gratification.Even losing is heroic when you stick to your morals. THE MIGHTY UNDERDOG:No matter how humble your origins,stickto your guns.Get creative with resources.Finesse and willpower can trump the numbers. THE OFFICEThe Office is an example of what _, -' happens when teamwork goes I, - awry.Boss Michael Scott invades privacy,tosses about racial and sexist slurs,and makes outlandish attempts at conflict resolution.The employees childish behavior is notmuch better.Between the laughterand disbelief,there are lessons to . be learned.R STRATEGY: FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT:Employees will clash.Ifhandled properly,conflict can be productive.By talking and reaching a compromise,it can smooth the way to a stronger business. PAMRESPECT PRIVACY:Scott confuses friendly with invasive.It's great to get to know your team,but respect their boundaries.Work is work;keep it clean and comfortable. KEEP IT SIMPLE:The Office is notorious for its thorny team-building exercises.Don't make your team dread company bonding activities;keep it relevant and offer alternatives. EQUAL OFFICE:You'll be working with qualified people from all backgrounds.Don't muddy your team with prejudice and don't let anyone else do so,either. TEENAGE / /UTAIIT NINJA TURTLESThe Ninja Turtles are a radiant example of teamwork despite their dark dwellings in the sewers.They are mutant turtles with awesome ninja skills and a righteous vendetta against all things criminal.Along with their sensei,each brother is crucial spike in the ninja star of justice:wisdom,courage,ferocity,comic relief,and tact. R STRATEGY: NOT BORN,CREATED:The Turtles were transformed into heroes by sludge.As humans,we can go through a similar (more hygienic) growth by training,working hard and joining forces. DONATELIONINJA SKILLS:Coordinate work flow based on the talents of each team member and discover how those abilities can mesh together for optimal success. COWABUNGA,DUDEI:Where is the growth in always playing it safe?Roll with a zany idea.Laugh and cut loose.Humans can progress further than a cog in the machine. DON'T JUDGE A SEWER BY ITS SMELL:Talent is everywhere;it can be behind any face,personality or species.Don't derail topnotch talent acquisition by factoring looks into the equation. FELLOWSHIP -OF TI-F RINGThe Fellowship of the Ring was a band of warriors that united against a colossal threat.Each member had , - ARAGORN unique qualities that led to the fierce,arduous triumph over evil;Frodo's dutydriven perseverance,Gandalf's wisdom,Legolas'keen senses,Aragon's courage,It . - R Sam's loyalty,Gimli's durability,Boromir's battle prowess,Pippin's enthusiasm,and Merry's cunning all- VDBEE SLYHALPE RT NICK ".FURY -i DEBRIEFING:VEmbrace each team member's strengths. Be aware of each team member's weaknesses. Align towards a mutual,progressive goal. Don't forget to relax!Have some shawarma.H DEBRIEFING:V Compassion is key for apositive,adaptive work environment. Don't shun far-fetched ideas or offbeat personas.They can take your team above and beyondlEverybody has a past,so focus on the future you can construct as a team instead. Friendship can be found in the quirkiest places;be openmindedIeoszoow ".BOMBAY -. CHARLIE E CONWAY. TAMMY DUNCAN DEBRIEFING:V Fine tune your skills to work smarter,not harder. The wisdom you gain from loss can be more valuable than victory. Humble beginnings are no excuse to not be the best you can be. You can go above and beyond as a flock. RYAN HOWARDi DEBRIEFING:V Conflict can lead to positivechange when handled maturely. Work life and private life are separate. Don't force your team into company bonding acrobatics. Diversity wins,bigotry loses.SPIINTERi DEBRIEFING:V Adopt a martial artist'smentality;success is earned,not instant. Teamwork plays on the balance of each member's talents. Take chances.The comfort zone is not your friend. Throw a pizza partylQ. .. C .GANDALF LEGOLAS i I 3 I D Uplayed a vital role in turning the tides.SAMWIS-E3 Io, -MWDOC emcee 6 H BRANDYBUCK Q STRATEGY: , ,,, ,,, ,,, I TOOK THE PRECIOUS:It's crucial for your team to have a universal goal that awakens and challenges each member.Touch base often to rally morale and ensure that motives are aligned. YOU HAVE MY BOW:A versatile team is a successful team;you'llneed strong leaders to take the vanguard and tactical experts to drivethe bottom line.Utilize the talents of your employees wisely. ELVEN-MADE:Elvish weapons and devices were invaluable to the Fellowship.Consider selecting tools and technology that integrate seamlessly with your team to augment their natural talents. ONE EGO TO UNDO IT ALL:Power and greed became the Ring's ultimate undoing.No matter how mighty your team becomes,it is important to honor your roots.Keep ego in check,plan ahead,and be wise about risky endeavors. f V A mutual objective is key for braving the storm. Diversity makes for a resourceful team. It's smart to invest in tools that can unlock your team's potential. Refuse to get twisted by power!