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Analyzing Results from Questionnaire

Analyzing Results from QuestionnaireMegan Vincent, Rebecca Astill and Prajwol Khamcha

Why we decided to do a questionnaire?We created another questionnaire, this time itwas more specific as we felt that it would be easier to analyze hence we created a 1-5 star rating system on Survey Monkey. This was to assess if we chose the correct audience and see what the general points where, were as a group we couldve improved our production. We decided on 10 questions as we felt that it, it gave us enough information on what we had to do. As well as our audience maybe busy so we wouldnt want to the survey to be a hassle. This is our stats from 16 participants from both Primary and Secondary Audience.

This portrays that we created a successful brand identity. We had 2 people who gave us a 3, I believe this is because, they must have been in the secondary audience and maybe they dont listen to the radio due to the accessibility of streaming services such as Spotify.Average=4.25

Again we got a good score with the radio advert. I believe the 3 comes from the secondary audience, who might now have been as engaged, maybe due to influences of only seeing adverts on YouTube.Average= 4.38

This was our highest scoring product, out of our products we used to advertise our Documentary. Average= 4.69

This shows that our Model was suitable, however it shows that some of our secondary audience might have been distanced from the model, as they might not be able to relate to the age of the model, or the costume.Average= 3.81

This relates to our focus group as they werent satisfied with the shot types. Therefore we should've added variation and more camera movements e.g. Track shot, this would keep the audience appealed. Average= 3.94

This again relates to the focus group. It shows people werent as impressed with the editing skills. Therefore maybe it can be argued that some of the montage shots lacked fluidity. Average= 4.06

This shows that to the majority they were happy with the score. However we got 1 person who scored it 3 stars, maybe because the soundtrack sometimes lacked fluidity. This relates to Mrs Bennets point in the focus group.Average= 4.69

To conclude the analysis on the questionnaire. Although it was brief, I believe that we can identify that we picked a correct audience, and picked a good range of ages to target. From this, it is clear that the focus group discussion and this questionnaire work well to identify that we were weakest at editing and shot types. However the anomaly was the model used, as our focus group were happy, however this shows that maybe we need a more youthful model that is more relatable to the audience.Conclusion