SXSW Interactive: A guide for getting sh*t done while you're OOO

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SXSW Interactive is four days of madness, and if the company is footing the bill, you're probably still expected to get some work done while you're there. This guide will help you free up extra time, so you can still GSD when you're OOO.


<p>A Guide for Getting Sh*t Done While Youre OOO </p> <p>INTERACTIVE</p> <p>SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST</p> <p>SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST</p> <p>IS MADNESS!</p> <p>SXSW Interactive alone is 4 straight days and nights of sessions, networking events and parties. </p> <p>So how do you actually get any work done?</p> <p>There are lots of survival guides out there.</p> <p>They all say pretty much the same thing:</p> <p>h2o h2oh2o</p> <p>TUMS</p> <p>Party, but not like you did in college .</p> <p>Wear comfortable shoes.</p> <p>Drink lots of water.</p> <p>Eat well. Or bring Tums. </p> <p>Assume everything will take longer than you think.</p> <p>They all say pretty much the same thing:</p> <p>Great advice. Now lets get down to business.</p> <p>The goal is to return to work after SXSW feeling inspired by innovative ideas. </p> <p>And some people do. </p> <p>But the rest of us are exhausted. </p> <p>1% inspired</p> <p>99% tired</p> <p>Our inboxes are overflowing. </p> <p>Our projects are overdue.</p> <p>Our coworkers are annoyed. </p> <p>!#*!&amp;!</p> <p>So for those of you who want to attend SXSW and stillget sh*t done...</p> <p>This guide is for you.</p> <p>Here are 5 ways to find time to be productive while youre out of the office.</p> <p>Tighten up your session game. 1</p> <p>Make a list of must-attend sessions and stick to it.</p> <p>@sxswinteractive DIY old timey cat photography? Ill pass. #NoFOMO</p> <p>Pick consecutive sessions that you can walk between.</p> <p>SESSION#2</p> <p>SESSION#1</p> <p>SESSION#3</p> <p>SXSW cabs might as well be unicorns.</p> <p>SESSION#2</p> <p>SESSION#1</p> <p>SESSION#3</p> <p>Keep early mornings light so you can check email (and extend your recovery time). </p> <p>Finish anything thats due the week you come back.2</p> <p>zzz</p> <p>z zz</p> <p>z z</p> <p>z</p> <p>z zz</p> <p>Come on. We both know youre not going to finish those TPS reports on the flight home. </p> <p>Ace conference calendar etiquette.3</p> <p>Reschedule your weekly recurring meetings.</p> <p>M T W T FM T W T F M T W T F</p> <p>Set a reminder for an early daily check-in with coworkers back at the office.</p> <p>Thatll help eliminate surprises later in the day.</p> <p>Pack gear that keeps you connected during downtime.4</p> <p>Mophie iPhone Battery Case By day your smartphone will act as a notepad, camera, map and concierge. By night, youll need to follow up on emails and connect with friends and coworkers. Be prepared with an extra battery.</p> <p>Powerstrip Dont want to spring for a Mophie? Keep in mind outlets are scarce. Best to be prepared, and make a few friends while you charge.</p> <p>Wi-Fi HotspotThough Wi-Fi is abundant, it can also be fickle. Bring along a hotspot to avert any crisis. </p> <p>Go mobile. 5</p> <p>These apps will buy you extra time and help you multi-task. </p> <p>SXSW GOCheck your schedule, find your session, take notes, and email them to friends or coworkers, all in one app. Nice! </p> <p>These apps will buy you extra time and help you multi-task. </p> <p>EventbriteDont stumble through email confirmations or conference directories. Having all your event tickets in one place will save you time and headaches.</p> <p>These apps will buy you extra time and help you multi-task. </p> <p>TaskRabitYou forgot your business cards at your Airbnb rental thats 10 miles away? A TaskRabbit can have them in your hand before the end of Elon Musks keynote. </p> <p>These apps will buy you extra time and help you multi-task. </p> <p>QuipNeed to quickly provide feedback on a coworkers project? Quip is document sharing built for mobile, so you can collaborate in real time while youre OOO. </p> <p>These apps will buy you extra time and help you multi-task. </p> <p>Oh, theres one other app you should check out.</p> <p>Its ours.</p> <p>Cotap makes mobile messaging with coworkers fast and easy, and its awesome for coordinating at conferences because theres no need to swap phone numbers. </p> <p>If youre headed to SXSW, wed love to give you a t-shirt. Download Cotap and message for details. </p> <p>Thanks for reading! See you at SXSW.</p> <p></p>