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Presentation by Charlene Li at SXSW Interactive, Saturday, March 13, 2010. Discusses main ideas from Charlene's new book, "Open Leadership: How Social Technology Transforms How You Lead", to be published in May 2010. Preorder at


<ul><li>1.Open Leadership: The Upside Of Giving Up Control<br />Charlene Li<br />Altimeter Group<br />March 13, 2010<br />1<br />For SXSW<br />#open<br /></li></ul> <p>2. 3. A culture of sharing<br />4. Its about relationships<br />5. These new relationships are changing business<br />New ways to get things done<br />Command &amp; control<br />6. 6<br />Why is social hard?<br />Because realrelationships require that you give up control <br />7. The need for open leadership<br />7<br />When people get what they need from each other<br />How open do I need to be?<br />8. Open Leadership<br />8<br />Having the confidence and humility to give up the need to be in control,<br />while inspiring commitment from people to accomplish goals<br />How to give up control, and be in command<br />9. 10 elements of openness<br />9<br />10. Determine how open you need to be to meet your goals<br />10<br />11. Four goals define your open strategy, but always start with learn<br />11<br />12. Learn with monitoring tools<br />12<br />13. Dialog with your community<br />13<br />14. 14<br />Curating<br />Engagement Pyramid: Focus on Watching and Sharing<br />Producing<br />Commenting<br />Sharing<br />Watching<br />15. DellOutlet drives sales with Twitter<br />15<br />16. Help your members support each other<br />16<br />17. Social + open = competitive advantage<br />17<br />+2,200 Best Buy employees answer questions sent to @twelpforce <br />18. Innovate with customer feedback<br />18<br />19. Fiat gathers product and market intelligence<br />19<br />Contributors submit ideas, and can include pictures and embed videos. Fiat gets valuable ideas for features and design, and marketing and advertising.<br />20. What to do first<br />21. #1 Align opennesswith strategic goals<br />21<br />Examine your 2010 goals<br />Pick one where open and social can have an impact <br />22. 22<br />#2 Understanding the upside<br />Whats the value?<br />Photo by Chris Heuer<br />Of karaoke?<br />Of +5 million fans?<br />23. + Value of purchases<br />- Cost of acquisition<br />= Customer lifetime value<br />+ Value of new customers from referrals<br />+ Value of insights<br />+ Value of support<br />The new lifetime value calculation, based on your goals<br /></p> <ul><li> Percent that refer </li></ul> <p>24. Size of their networks 25. Percent of referred people who purchase 26. Value of purchases 27. Percent that provide support 28. Frequency and value of the support+ Value of ideas<br />29. Find more fans with large networks<br />Encourage fans to make more referrals<br />Make decisions with metrics<br />24<br />30. #3 Support open leadership<br />25<br />Collaborative<br />Independent<br />Optimist<br />Pessimist<br />31. Convincing the curmudgeon<br />26<br />Who can best work with a Worried Skeptic?<br />Lovisa Williams<br />US State Dept.<br />@State for 4 years<br />Wrote first social media policy<br />32. #4 Manage risk with Sandbox Covenants<br />27<br />33. #5 Embrace failure<br />28<br />34. Buyer blog hit the right note<br />29<br />35. New relationships require open leadership.<br />Find and support your open leaders: letting go will yield more results. <br />Get good a failure youll have many.<br />Summary<br />30<br />36. 31<br />31<br />Thank you<br />Charlene Li<br /><br /><br />Twitter: charleneli<br />For slides, send an email to<br />Join me for a book signing at 6:20pm<br /><br />37. 32<br />About Us<br />Altimeter Group is a strategy consulting firm that provides companies with a pragmatic approach to disruptive technologies.We have four areas of focus: Leadership and Management, Customer Strategy, Enterprise Strategy, and Innovation and Design.<br />Visit us at or contact<br /></p>