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  1. 1. TITLE: Engagement Toolkit: Using corporate ethnography to break silos in large organizations ABSTRACT: What do silos look like in big fortune 500 companies with multiple divisions, worldwide ofces and multiple product lines? What can we do as employees within such organisations to break this mentality that reduces morale, reduces efciency shared in the overall operation and contributes to the demise of a productive company culture? This presentation brings forth the impact of corporate ethnography on transforming organisational culture when implemented pragmatically in large organisations. It discusses a suite of in-depth activities and hands-on workshop tools that break down existing barriers of inter-department communication and provide a holistic viewpoint of the different teams in an organisation. The talk unfolds to offer a powerful toolbox comprising of empathy workshops, engagement models, engagement canvas deck and engagement ecosystem to create shared understanding required to identify opportunities where teams break through silos and align their efforts. It talks about corporate ethnographers as agents of transformation in the organisation who place ethnography and design in business ows and agendas. It provides a systematic approach to study and document the perspectives and practices of team clusters in an organisational setting, focussing on the qualitative examination of inter department behaviour to create a trusted working relationship. It highlights how such tools build connections by bridging gaps between the different teams and provide a practical framework to support informed, thoughtful engagement between them. It stresses on how ethnography informs functions such as strategy and long-range planning and therefore is central to gaining a full understanding of ones customers and the business itself.

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