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  • Tamarindo Community: The Art

    Scene in Tamarindo

    We know Tamarindo is known for its beach and surfing, but the art world

    is becoming more and more present within the community as well. You

    do not have to walk very far down the main road to see the work of local

    artisans and painters.

    But even beyond the local artisans who sell their great work throughout

    the streets of city, those visiting and living in Tamarindo have a few great

    resources to appreciate and learn about art.

    Tamarindo is home to a lovely and large gallery that displays fine art

    from artists around the country. With 400 square meters of space, both

  • locals and tourists can enjoy quality art without leaving this beach town.

    La Galera is also offering lectures and classes for both adults and

    children to encourage the arts within the community.

    Art Retreat Tamarindo

    Art Retreat Tamarindo offers art classes, workshops, and open studio

    times for tourists and locals. Headed up by Hollie Heller, a mixed media

    artist, the Art Retreat Tamarindo studio has a lovely view of the beach,

    a great place for all artistic inspiration.

    Yerba Buena

    Local artist Maria Soledad opens up her studio space in Langosta called

    Yerba Buena for locals and tourists to enjoy and purchase her work. The

    artwork ranges from oil on canvas to art on surfboards, a perfect creative

    combination of artistry and the joy of the Costa Rican beach town.

    For more information visit www.coldwellbankertamarindo.com



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