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Tax Tips and Tools v 11 (2011/12)


  • 1. Tax Tips and Tools Version 11 2011/12
    LexisNexis Award Winner Best Tax Software

2. Contact for more details
3. Inheritance tax and trust tax
Income and Corporation tax
Interactive Checklists
Payroll and CIS tools
Capital Gains Tax tools
NI and tax credits tools
Value added tax tools
Administration and other tools
121 tools and calculators
4. Inheritance tax examples
Tax credits examples
Life assurance gains
Tax relief of 222%?
A tax rate of 2.6 million %?
Practical guides and case studies
5. Inheritance tax and trust tax
6. Income and Corporation Tax
7. Income and Corporation Tax
8. Interactive Checklists
9. Payroll and CIS tools
10. NI and tax credits tools
11. Capital Gains tools
12. Value Added Tax Tools
13. Administration Tools
14. Mind Maps
15. Compares the costs for an employee having a company car / private fuel to using own car and being paid mileage allowance
Compares the cost to the company of providing a company car or paying additional salary and mileage allowance
Car tax calculator
16. Car tax calculator
17. Car tax calculator
18. Should I incorporate?
19. Salary v Dividend
20. Pension Allowance Calculator
21. Maximum NI Calculator
22. Tax Credits Calculator
23. Payroll Checker
24. Net to Gross Pay Calculator
25. VAT Flat Rate
26. VAT Scale Charge Calculator
27. Case Studies
Full tax calculations provided to back up the figures