The *10* WORST Words People Use and How You Can Stop Using Them

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<p>The *10* WORST Words People Use and How You Can Stop Using Them</p> <p>The *10* WORST Words People Use and How You Can Stop Using Them John Di Lemme</p> <p>Worst Word #1: BusyThat word drives me crazy! When people say they are "busy", it typically means they are distracted and all over the place. Activity does not always equal accomplishment. Instead of saying you are busy, say that you are strategic and systematic. You instantly go from busy (running around, getting nothing accomplished) to strategic and systematic (laser-focused and achieving your goals).</p> <p>Worst Word #2: Forgot When you say that you forgot something, it instantly makes you look incompetent or like you don't care. That's not true about most people that say "I Forgot" but that's how it's interpreted by whoever you are saying it to especially your customers. If you do forget something, first off, admit your mistake and say that you are "personally prepared" and it will never happen again. Here's another one for you...Instead of saying "Don't forget" in which you are basically insinuating that the person will forget something, say "Please Remember." See how much better that sounds. It's simply a switch of words.</p> <p>Worst Word #3: WorkingI hear it so many times a day...I'm working really hard or all I do is work. How negative does that sound especially when it's said with a miserable face? Change "working" to "building." I am building my billion dollar business! How much better does that sound? Plus if you are saying "working" to your customers, it insinuates that you are burdened by your business. I'm building my hugely successful business!</p> <p>Worst Word #4: TryingTo me, "trying" means that you aren't actually doing anything. It's actually an excuse for not doing something most of the time. Instead of using "trying" as an excuse for not doing something, start saying "I'm responsible for..." or "It's my responsibility to give my best effort in..." You are instantly getting rid of the excuses and taking responsibility for your results.</p> <p>Worst Word #5: Ill SeeThat one drives me crazy! When you ask someone a question and they say, "I'll see." What the heck does that even mean? To me, it basically means that you will see what excuse you can come up with no to do something. Instead of responding with something that foolish, commit to raising the bar of your commitment to following through and do what you have to do. Instead of saying, "I'll see" make a commitment.</p> <p>Worst Word #6: Same Old ThingWhen I ask someone what they are up to and they reply "same old thing", I instantly think they are so selfish and unappreciative for what they have in life. If you say that to your customers, it instantly implies that you don't like what you are doing so why would then invest in your product or service. Your future is full of endless opportunities so start living like you believe that. Instead of replying "same old thing", say I'm constantly learning and growing to take my life and business to the next level. If you think that's too cheesy to say to someone, then you don't want it bad enough.</p> <p>Worst Word #7: Ill Give It a ShotWhen you say that, it automatically implies that you don't believe you can do it or you don't want to even attempt it. No one wants to do business with someone that has that mindset. There's plenty of things to say instead of "I'll give it a shot." Such as Im committing to do what it takes as long as it takes! Just change your mindset and commit to doing it already.</p> <p>Worst Word #8: LateWhen someone tells me, "I'll be a little late." They are basically telling me that they aren't prepared and structured. This one is just as bad..."Better late than never." Actually, no that's not true. If you are late to one of my events, don't even bother showing up. If you are late, then you dont respect the person that is waiting on you or yourself. Just commit to be on time and get rid of the distractions that are causing you to be late.</p> <p>Worst Word #9: Everybody is Doing ItSo what! Just like your Mom used to say, "If everyone is jumping off a cliff, would you do it too?" Stop being a follower and start being a leader. Walk by integrity and make your own way. Just because everyone else is doing it doesnt mean you have to!</p> <p>Worst Word #10 Its One of Those DaysWhat does that even mean? Every day above ground is worth living. Don't even think about allowing those words to come out of your mouth, because you instantly sound foolish. Instead, have a success attitude and be thankful for every day that you have especially since there are millions of people in the world that would love to have your life with all of your adversities. Every day is a gift so open it with great expectation!</p> <p>Surprise Bonus For You!Grab a Hold of this Entire Audio Teaching, The *10* WORST Words People Use and How You Can Stop Using Them, for FREE!Call or Text (561) 847-3467 or Email </p>