The Clear Path to Great Teamwork

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Is your team drowning in emails and status meetings, instead of doing the actual work to achieve your goals? Too many teams are getting held back by "work about work," leading to disengaged teammates and billions of dollars in lost productivity every year. By adopting some simple practices, your team can get back on track and start working together effectively. Find out why having clarity of purpose, clarity of plan, and clarity of responsibility is vital to any team's ability to achieve goals, and what your team can do immediately to get clarity.

Text of The Clear Path to Great Teamwork

  • Lots of teams have BIG visions source: GOOGLE: To organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful. FACEBOOK: To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. SUNGEVITY: To build the worlds most energized network of customers who power their lives with sunshine. 2
  • But, vision is just the 1st step to achieving goals Once youve defined your vision, execution is everything. Some teams execute well, and do great things. Other teams, no matter how ambitious or how dedicated, get held back. 3
  • Teams that dont achieve their visions often start off on the right track But end up spending less time working towards the goal & more time trying to stay on the same page. 4
  • Actual Work Email These teams spend so much time coordinating around the work, that nobody spends a majority of their time doing actual work. Tracking down info Meetings 5
  • Your time would be better spent doing what youre great at: designing products, researching cures to diseases, or [doing whatever you are passionate about] Photos: Asana customers Baggu, Emerald Therapuetics, Mission Bikes 6
  • Even worse, after all of this time spent on meetings and emails, teammates still wonder Why are we doing this thing again? What exactly should I be working on? What do I do next? 7
  • Sending emails, sitting in meetings, and still feeling confused is really soul-sucking. We call this work about work. 8
  • Work about work leads to disengagement, resulting in billions of dollars in lost productivity every year. $ 450,000,000,000 Source: Gallup: 70% of Workforce Not Engaged, Costs Billions in Lost Productivity, Gallup estimate: $450-$550 billion in lost productivity in the US, per year. 9
  • Choose teamwork instead of work about work. teamwork = team + work /tm w rk/ e noun 1. the combined action of a group of people, esp. when effective and efficient. 10
  • What sets teams that choose teamwork apart? clarity /klarit/ noun 1. the quality of being clear, in particular. 11
  • Without clarity, teams can put in all the effort in the world, but they wont be able coordinate effectively to achieve goals. 12
  • To realize your goals & achieve your vision, your team needs 3 types of clarity: 1. Clarity of purpose 2. Clarity of plan 3. Clarity of responsibility 13
  • The effect of having all 3 clarities is everyone knows what theyre doing, when theyre doing it, and why. Asana Co-founder, Justin Rosenstein 14
  • CLARITY OF PURPOSE When teammates dont know how their individual work supports team goals, they lose motivation to participate and contribute. When teammates know how and why their work matters, they get their work done, prioritize effectively, and make better decisions. We call this clarity of purpose. 16
  • ACHIEVING CLARITY OF PURPOSE Create goals as a team, so everyone understands the big picture and has context for their work. Print and display these goals in a highly visible place. Refer to your team goals whenever you prioritize, choose what to work on, or resolve differences. Result: Every teammate feels a sense of purpose, and has the information they need to do their best work. 17
  • CLARITY OF PLAN When teams arent clear about the plan, everyone feels confused. Without a plan, even the smallest tasks can feel insurmountable. But when teammates know whats supposed to happen next, they can move forward. We call this clarity of plan. 19
  • ACHIEVING CLARITY OF PLAN At the start of any project, after goals are defined, identify the steps needed to achieve the projects goals. Ensure that the entire team is in agreement on the steps. Record the steps in a shared team list. Result: Every teammate knows the plan and the goal is now realizable. 20
  • CLARITY OF RESPONSIBILITY When teammates dont know whos doing what, its easy to believe that someone else will get the work done. Work gets duplicated or slips through the cracks. Communication tools like email exacerbate this problem. But when teammates know who is responsible for each step, they are accountable for their own work. We call this clarity of responsibility. 22
  • ACHIEVING CLARITY OF RESPONSIBILITY Designate 1, and only 1, directly responsible individual for each step in your plan. If a step involves more than 1 person, break the work into smaller parts. Make sure every teammate has a clearly defined contribution. Result: Every teammate feels responsible for their part of the project and achieving the teams overall goals. 23
  • Imagine having PURPOSE without a PLAN Were going to change the world! Well do A, B & C! Maybe someone else will do step B. How? Sounds impossible! Or a PLAN without RESPONSIBILITY You take on step B! Ill do A & C. Or RESPONSIBILITY without a PURPOSE Why? Step B doesnt really matter to me. 25
  • Your team needs all 3 clarities! Effective teamwork requires clarity of purpose, plan, and responsibility, together. Once your team has all 3, you can: deliver on your plan achieve your goals realize your vision 26
  • When everyone has clarity in their responsibilities, the whole team can be effective, even one that is operating between Nepal and the U.S. Clarity in our work helps us to be more efficient, see more details, and collaborate better, so we can create exceptional products. Charting a course by candlelight is much easier than flying in the dark 27
  • goals clarity asana teamwork visions The secret to realizing your teams vision is clarity! 28
  • For more on how we think about clarity & teamwork: How Asana is rethinking the tools we use to work together How to Lead Big Visions from the Heart The Way We Work is Soul-Sucking, but Social Networks are Not the Fix Do Great Things 3 Ways to Make Your Business More Efficient For ideas on how your team can use Asana to get clarity, visit 29