The Cure for Linkedin Groups

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The Cure for Linkedin Groups The Cure for Linkedin Groups is the most recent application from The Cure. With this app, our clients are able to keep Linkedin Groups up to date. They reach Linkedin target Groups and improve branding. The biggest advantage of The Cure for Linkedin Groups is that you can automate the updating process.

Text of The Cure for Linkedin Groups

  • 1. The Cure for Linkedin GroupsReach Linkedin (target) Groups
  • 2. 1.859.689 Linkedin groups
  • 3. Every Linkedin groupis atargetgroup
  • 4. What is The Cure for Linkedin Groups?The application to update Linkedingroups
  • 5. How does it work?
  • 6. Step 1Add Linkedin group in
  • 7. Step 2Make an alert
  • 8. Step 2a. Create a Job alert
  • 9. Step 2b. Or aContent alert
  • 10. Step 3Bepaal update frequentie
  • 11. ContentVacatures
  • 12. Why do you need to do this?
  • 13. 1. Branding and reach in Linkedin target groups
  • 14. 2. Save time
  • 15. 3. Measure and analyse
  • 16. The Cure updatesLinkedin groups
  • 17. So you (and your colleagues)can focus on other matters
  • 18. The Cure for Linkedin GroupsGet in touch for a freedemo