The Greatest Marketing Campaigns of All Time

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  2. 2. Most businesses engage in some form of marketing, be it as simple and inexpensive as distributing pens with the company logo on it, or as costly as buying TV ad time during the Super Bowl.
  3. 3. Good campaigns are effective they increase brand awareness, they resonate with the target audience, they are memorable, and they communicate how the product or service will make buyers lives better.
  4. 4. A great campaign delivers all the attributes of a good campaign, plus some or all of these elements: Profound insight Novel and thought-provoking delivery Increased brand value and esteem Increased loyalty and good will Expanded brand not just item purchasing
  5. 5. Weve gathered some examples of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time or at least the past 70 years to demonstrate how a campaign achieves the status of Greatness.
  7. 7. A Diamond is Forever DeBeers A Diamond is Forever single-handedly established the diamond engagement ring industry. This campaign turned diamonds into a psychological necessity, growing the diamond engagement ring market share from 10% to 80%. Because of this campaign, diamonds became equated with true love.
  8. 8. The Marlboro Man Until the 1950s, cigarettes were considered feminine, and marketed exclusively to women. The Marlboro Man changed this with their campaign depicting rugged men smoking Marlboros. When the Marlboro Man went national in 1955, sales jumped 3,241% to $5 billion.
  9. 9. The Most Interesting Man Alive campaign made Dos Equis one of the fastest-growing beers in the U.S. It became a pop culture sensation, helping the company become the first beer to reach 1 million Facebook likes. Dos Equis sales have risen 200% since the 2007 launch.
  10. 10. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like The Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign increased sales of Old Spice body wash by 107% within 30 days of its 2010 launch. It refocused the spotlight on Old Spice, which had suffered a lack of visibility for decades.
  11. 11. The The Just Do It campaign helped Nike increase its share of the sport-shoe market from 18% to 43% in 10 years. Its success is remarkable considering that an estimated 80% of sneakers are never used for their intended activities.
  12. 12. Get a Mac (GAM) After the 2006 launch of the Get a Mac campaign, Apples sales jumped 12%, and continued to dramatically increase throughout the entire four- year campaign. The campaign spawned countless parodies and memes used by comedians, musicians, and even politicians.
  13. 13. Does Sheor Doesnt She? When the Does Sheor Doesnt She? campaign launched in 1956, only 1 in 15 women used artificial hair color. By 1967, Clairols sales had risen from $25 million to $186 million, and 50% of women used artificial hair color.
  14. 14. Absolut Vodka In the 80s, Absolut launched a campaign featuring its bottles in hundreds of scenarios, many simply stating Absolut [and a word depicting the scene]. Since then, Absoluts sales have grown from 2.5% to approximately 50% of the USs imported vodka.
  15. 15. Real Beauty In 2004, Dove launched its Real Beauty campaign, which aims to celebrate women in all their natural physical variations. Though polarizing, the campaign created unprecedented buzz and over the last 10 years, the campaign helped boost Doves sales from $2.5 billion to $4 billion.
  16. 16. Were No. 2, We Try Harder This Avis campaign used its underdog status to demonstrate superior customer service. Within a year, it went from losing $3.2 million to earning $1.2 million. Within 3 years, it had shrunk its market-share gap with Hertz from 32% to 13%.
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