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The Hunger Truck (Young Spikes Asia 2012)

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This is our idea for Young Spikes Asia 2012 Media Category. Unfortunately, we didn't win something this time.

Text of The Hunger Truck (Young Spikes Asia 2012)

  • 1. Mohammad Farhan Noor Sigit Leksana INDONESIA
  • 2. BackgroundWorld Food Program (WFP) is the worlds largesthumanitarian agency, fighting hunger worldwide. On anygiven day, 5000 trucks, 60 planes and 40 ships are deliveringfood across the globe.There are more malnourished children in Asia than any othercontinents. Mother and Child Health and Nutrition (MCHN)is one of WFPs key projects.
  • 3. Challenge Low brand awareness Not have a marketing budget that has difficulty raising awareness about its work in the issue of hunger. Looking for funding platform targeting individuals.Target AudienceWorking Middle Class who are busywith their routine. Lack ofinformation about the donations.Youth (15-24) willing to do smallthings that can make a difference.Active in social media and in theneeded of self actualization. Objective Create a media campaign to raise brand awareness about WFP in Asia about the issue of hunger and find the best funding platform to getting donations from the public.
  • 4. Insights No one really knows how many people are malnourished, there are only few people or organization that knows about it. We dont know where the money is going to arrive and we dont know how much of that money is going to spent on humanitarian needs.. - Middle East VoiceSo we will tell the stories of Malnutrition in your country.The story that makes people aware of the issue and will fight the hunger!
  • 5. THE HUNGER TRUCKWorld Food Program has been used trucks as their regular transportation to deliver the food to where is needed. These trucks usually had traveled many remote area.We want to move some of these trucks to big cities in Asia. We will use and customized these trucks as our medium to spread the messages. These trucks will tell you the stories, the stories about the hunger.
  • 6. Campaign Phase Awareness Participate MaintenancePhase 1: Spread the story Phase 2: Face Lip The Truck Phase 3: Engaging DonorsThe hunger truck will tell a story about the We will redesigned the hunger truck with a Our Campaign will inform in ourhunger issue in big city. Its time to shout out or new message. After the phase 1, people website. There will be an onlineactivity so people aware about the situation and already aware about the hunger truck and the tracking about the rest of our trucksraise the awareness. The Truck issues of hunger in their own country, so this that deliver the donations. All the time we will ask people to participate and information will be collect here. donate to MCHN Program. Follow: @wfp_asia Follow: @wfp_asia Online Tracking #HungerTruck
  • 7. Localized fact, name, photo and area withPhase 1: suitable countrySpread the Story Follow: @wfp_asia Put Hashtag to find more about the topic/conversation on Twitter Adjust social media account for countries who already own its account (Such as Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan and Sri Lanka who already have social media account)
  • 8. Phase 2:Mobile Donations We change this truck in phase 2 as a mobile funding platform.Middle Class Worker People can donate it directly or using online payment. Fact that WFP already collaborate with Master Card for online donation, will easily implement mobile fund raising Scan to find the map Follow: @wfp_asia We put QR Code direct to microsite that show online map of the truck journe Work with Master Card to provide online donation Youth We also change this truck in phase 2 as a mobile phone booth. This hunger truck will visit schools in Photo the city and trigger Booth students to take a photo and share/upload them in Follow: @wfp_asia the social media. We used photo booth to enlarge the messages Yes, We Care! Backdrop
  • 9. Maintenance All the Trucks can be track in our micro site, so donors can see the result of their donations. The activity also will be documented in this micro site, and our social media. Offering our visitor to become our regular donor on or stay informed at
  • 10. Lets Discuss

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