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<ul><li><p>The Next Big Thing </p><p>Cooperate executives are always looking for that special product or idea that will give them a competitive advantage over the field. Its why CEOs will pay millions to their Research and Development Departments, or hire an Innovation Specialist; everyone wants to create an idea as intricate as the IPhone or as useful as sliced bread. Jenni USA can expedite this process by utilizing an idea management system that lets you created your own corporate innovation. The innovation tools allow creation, organization, and placement of these thoughts in a way that flows easily and allows an entire company to be involved. Why waste time or resources elsewhere when innovation management can simplified in this easy to use process. Often people perceive innovation as a process that should be left for the professionals or the department heads. Jenni works by challenging the whole company with an idea campaign that will make a call for action to a specific need. Once a goal is created, it will be targeted for the whole company allowing more collaboration, feedback from co-workers, and a flow that will all feed into the primary idea of corporation innovation. Not only does the process lead to innovative action, unlike most other innovation management software, but it involves the entire company. Many of the best ideas have come shunned away from the little guy, whether its because they are intimidated, dont speak up, or simply arent given the choice. Jennis idea management system gives everyone a voice while also allowing a playful way to come up with real, workable ideas. One of the many advantages to Jennis enterprise management software is that no one is ever alone. Innovation consultants can be reached whenever they may be needed to help through a tough or any part of the process. For years our expert staff has been providing advice with a plethora of innovation tools to clients that need it most. Procuring an idea, especially a successful one, is not something that comes out of thin air and so utilizing the Innovation Tools Jenni provides is essential to the success of the process. No matter the type of company an employee may work for or their involvement in said company, Jenni is not partial. Taking a quick look into history, some of the most innovative ideas have actually come from some of the most obscure places. The Wright Brothers created flight with the idea that an unstable vehicle is able to be controlled and balanced with the right amount of precision and practice. This came from years of mechanical skills gained from working on another form of an unstable vehicle; the bicycle. Any individual has the ability to create an idea simply from their prior knowledge or skills they have </p><p></p></li><li><p>developed and it is simply applying the right innovation tool to expose it. The same basic process for all fixed-wing aircrafts is in place today that the Wright Brothers invented over 100 years. Jenni can simply help create an idea to build a stronger business for tomorrow, or it can be the solution to change things for centuries to come. </p></li></ul>