The process of making my school magazine,

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  • 1. The process of making my School Magazine, Contents page and front cover

2. Firstly we went around the school and took pictures of different people and images to go on our front cover and contents page. After asking permission and taking the pictures we then uploaded the pictures and began making our front cover and contents page.
3. Process of making my School Magazine front Cover
Firstly I inserted the pictures onto a Photoshop and made the image larger so that it fitted the whole screen. This is a medium close.
Then I opened the text box, created a masthead and then made it individual by changing the shading and colour.
4. The main cover line went on next. I adjusted the colour and size. The main cover line has to be the second biggest writing to attract the audience and persuade them to buy the magazine.
5. Then I added the other cover lines. To ensure I was following the codes and conventions I made sure that the cover lines are framing the images and that no writing is covering the models face.
6. The last thing I did was add the website to the front cover. The website is one of the codes and Conventions of a Magazine front cover.
7. I changed the writing on the masthead to make it stand out and be individual
I set my contents page into three columns
I imported the pictures I had taken previously I used ctrl shift F to resize the images.