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  • 1. Who is Changez?Give Changez an identity in New York and Pakistan. Use information from the novel to complete the profiles.Name:Country/City: Name:Nationality: Country/City:Occupation: Nationality:Mission: Occupation:Special traits: Mission: Special traits:Tip: consult pp. 5 (par.3), 112 (par.2), 203 (par.2).

2. Who is Changez?Name: CHANGEZCountry/City: Pakistan, LahoreName: CHANGEZNationality: PakistaniCountry/City: USA, New YorkOccupation: university lecturerNationality: AmericanMission: advocate for aOccupation: Underwooddisengagement from the USASamsonSpecial traits: beard, kurtaMission: Focus on thefundamentalsSpecial traits:businessman, suit 3. PerceptionDescribe, compare and explain these reactions towards Changez. Think abouttime, place and reasons. Take notes of your exchange to report your findings to the class.Student A: In ManilaStudent B: In New YorkI glanced out the windowI was approached by a man Ito see, only a few feet away, did not know. He made athe driver of a jeepney series of unintelligible noisesreturning my gaze. There akhala-malakhala, ()was an undisguisedand pressed his facehostility in his expression; Ialarmingly close to mine. ()had no idea why. We had Fucking Arab, he said. ()not met before () hismy blood throbbed in mydislike was so obvious, sotemples () I felt, at thatmoment, fully capable ofintimate, that it got under wielding [the tire iron] withmy skin. I stared back at sufficient violence to shatterhim, getting angry myself.the bones in his skull.p.76p.134 4. Perception In ManilaIn New YorkContext: business trip to Context: in a New YorkManilaparking lotWhen: before 9/11 When: after 9/11Why: resentment, hatred Why: in the aftermath oftowards Americans, disgust9/11 Americans, especiallytowards Changezs hypocrite New Yorkers, started tobehaviour express discriminatory After the incidentviews towards people withChangez admits he feels Eastern complexionmuch closer to the Filipinodriver than to his fear of terrorism, clashcolleagues. (p.77)of two cultures, war onterrorism