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Employment legislation, payroll giving, public sector cuts, The Apprentice, pensions, pay freezes, mental health in the armed forces, postal strike, Manchester City FC, London councils' outsourcing, Heathrow Express


  • 1. Get HR news, comment and jobs daily by email. Sign up at week in HR A round-up of the top HR and management stories Week ending 27 May 2011PEOPLE MANAGEMENT Follow us onand SlideShareRed tape argumentsoverdone, CIPD argues LINKS Read the full stoRy at Work Horizons: the economic rights and wrongs of The perception that UK businesses are employment regulation bound up in employment legislation red CIPD tape does not stand up to an examination of the evidence, the CIPD has argued in a Legislative timetable whats new in the law paper published this week. In The economicPeople Management rights and wrongs of employment regulation, the institutes chief economist, John Philpott, (pictured) concludes that the business lobbys opposition to new regulation such as itsresponse to the consultation on parental leave and flexible working announced lastweek is often based on an underlying bias against employment regulation that fliesin the face of economic evidence.Payroll giving to be made easier, says prime minister Giving white paper (Cabinet Office)Read the full stoRy at charitable donations through payroll is set to become easier for employeesunder plans unveiled by the prime minister. David Cameron said that a greater rolefor payroll-giving agencies, and better administration when people move jobs, couldimprove the UKs record of payroll giving, which is currently practised by only 3 percent of UK workers compared with 30 per cent in the US.Mental health problems increase in the armed forces Defence Analytical Services and AdviceRead the full stoRy at dasa.mod.ukNearly 4,000 servicemen and servicewomen were diagnosed with mental healthdisorders last year, according to figures from the Ministry of Defence. A total of3,942 cases were recorded representing 2 per cent of serving armed forcespersonnel an increase on 2009s figure of 3,103.Comment: Meeting the cuts challenge The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & AccountancyRead the full stoRy at servants are grappling with reduced budgets, bringing into centre stage thequestion of whether the state has the correct workplace skills, writes Gill Kelly.Comment: Why Lord Sugar isnt sweet enough The ApprenticeRead the full stoRy at Apprentice gives a distorted view of whats needed for business success, believesJean Cousins. Tantrums and arrogance may make for good TV, but they do notmake for effective performance in any role.One in four employers still freezing pay CIPD reward surveyRead the full stoRy at quarter of employers are imposing a pay freeze for staff this year, according to theCIPDs latest reward survey. Two-thirds of employers have, or are planning to,increase base pay in 2011, while a further 9 per cent have delayed their pay review.Minister: Stop paying staff to give up pension rights BBC (featuring Steve Webbs Radio 5 interview)Read the full stoRy at minister Steve Webb has warned employers against offering cashincentives to staff to give up their pension rights, saying that he is consideringbanning the practice. Webb criticised the use of cash inducements to persuadecurrent employees to switch to a defined contribution plan in what is known as anenhanced transfer value (ETV) arrangement. MORE NEWS ON NEXT PAGE

2. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT THIS WEEK IN HR CONTINUED...LINKSFlexible working makes fathers happier Working FamiliesRead the full stoRy at who work flexibly are both happier and more committed to their jobs as aresult, research has found. The Working for Fathers research from WorkingFamilies and Lancaster University Management school found that fathers with aflexible working arrangement, such as part-time hours or homeworking, havebetter physical and psychological health, are less stressed and more committed totheir employers.London postal workers to go on strike Royal Mail cuts 1,700 jobs in restructure Read the full stoRy at People Management Mail workers in London have votedto strike over job security fears resultingfrom the closure of mail centres in thecapital. Up to 3,500 Royal Mail staff maywalk out after members of theCommunications Workers Union (CWU)backed industrial action by four to one.No strike dates have yet been set, but theunion said it would maintain its walkoutthreat until it received reassurances thatno compulsory redundancies would be imposed during the closure of two centresin south and east London, and concerns of bullying are addressed.Manchester City FC tells of academy investment CIPD networking and eventsRead the full stoRy at City FC is investing heavily in its training academy to develop youngfootballing talent for the club, its HR director told the CIPD Reward Conference.Gilly King told delegates that spending large sums buying in international talent topopulate the Premier League side was not sustainable, so there was a renewedfocus on growing its own first team players of the future.London councils partnership extends outsourcing Feature on shared servicesRead the full stoRy at Management joint HR procurement initiative among London councils has extended the termsof its outsourced recruitment contract to include outplacement services. TheLondon Boroughs Recruitment Partnership (LBRP) has appointed Penna as itsadvertising agent and provider of strategic HR services. The contracts remit wasexpanded to include outplacement programmes to reflect public-sector workforcedownsizing, according to the LBRPs Dean Shoesmith.Heathrow Express workers begin weekend strikeRead the full stoRy at on the Heathrow Express train link in London started a 48-hour strike in adispute over pay. More than 300 members of the Rail Maritime and Transportunion (RMT), downed tools in the early hours of Friday morning, in the first ofthree planned walkouts. The second strike is scheduled for 24 hours on 24 June,with a further stoppage to be confirmed for July. Train staff backed industrial actionafter the RMT rejected the rail companys offer of a 4.5 per cent pay increase overone year, calling the offer unacceptable and loaded with strings.Use our classified guide People Management isCheck out the latestto identify suppliers of the official magazine ofvacancies, sign-up for jobHR goods and servicesthe Chartered Institute ofdetails by email, upload your Personnel and Development CV and get careers advice People Management is published on behalf of the CIPD by Personnel Publications Ltd, 17-18 Britton Street, London EC1M 5TP subscriptions Magazine 020 8950 9117 CIPD members 020 8612 6208editorial General 020 7324 2729 News 020 7324 2729 PM Online 020 7324 2733 Email