ThoughtCommons - Why Media Industry Earns?

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  • 1. Businesses need to reach their consumers to tell them who they are and how are they better than the competitors
  • 2. But, consumers arent interested in listening to boring, selfish and pushy businesses! Instead they are interested in entertaining, useful and informative stuff!
  • 3. they read newspapers and magazines
  • 4. listen to radio
  • 5. stare at idiot box for hours
  • 6. do almost every next thing online
  • 7. Or just go hang out and bump into billboards!
  • 8. Businesses pay for consumers eye balls & ears and buy some space at these interesting places to reach them Advertisement Buy This!
  • 9. Every time a business wants to reach out to a certain number of consumers with a new message, it has to buy reach Reach: 10,000 People Cost Per Reach: 20 Bucks Total Cost = 10,000 20 !!
  • 10. Businesses worldwide spend mindboggling budgets just to sell what consumers dont really need.
  • 11. Instead, hang on. Make something that consumers really need. And let consumers find you.