Three Reasons to Incorporate Dual Connectivity into an ATM

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<ul><li> 1. W H I T E PA P E R By Richard Slawsky Contributing editor, Three Reasons to Incorporate ATMmarketplace.comDual Connectivity into an ATM Sponsored by:Adding an additional connectivity option to an ATM can help ensure flexibility, maximize uptime and increase customer confidence.E Today, the reliability of wireless service, wider ver since ATMs first gained popularity in the latter part of the coverage, increased data transfer speeds 20th century, they typically have and the dependability of wireless equipmentdepended on a telephone connectionto communicate with the banks central means that ISOs can get the best of bothcomputer. When a customer withdrew worlds when it comes to ATM at an ATM, the machine called up themain office, transmitted information aboutthe requested transaction and adjusted Dual-connectivity modems quicklythat customers balance accordingly. are becoming the standard method of communication between the ATM andThe growth of the Internet in recent financial institutions. The reasons for thisdecades has provided ATMs with a technologys increasing popularity can behigh-speed method of conducting those summed up by the three following reasons.transactions. The necessity of connectingATMs to a phone line, however, has longbeen the determining factor in deciding Flexibilitywhere the machines could be placed. As with real estate, the profitability of anIf a particular location didnt have reliable ATM depends in large part on location.landline service, or service couldnt be And no matter how much research aneasily provided, the ATM was located ISO may conduct before placing an ATM,elsewhere. occasionally a location turns out to be a dud.Thats all changing, though. Today, thereliability of wireless service, wider With the option of Ethernet and wirelesscoverage, increased data transfer speeds connectivity, an ISO has the added valueand the dependability of wireless of location flexibility. If a location provesequipment means that ISOs can get the less profitable than was initially hoped for,best of both worlds when it comes to ATM the ATM can be moved elsewhere with noconnectivity. additional costs, delays or paperwork. 2010 NetWorld Alliance LLC | Sponsored by The DPL Group 1 </li> <li> 2. Three Reasons to Incorporate Dual Connectivity into an ATMYou dont have to call a company toreinstall a phone line elsewhere, which canbe expensive and take a lot of time, saidRaymond Kaps, marketing coordinatorwith The DPL Group. All you need to dois load the ATM on the back of a vehicleand move it somewhere else.The DPL Group, based in New Brunswick,Canada, manufactures the Hercules Plusdual-connectivity modem. The Hercules Wireless connectivity, like that offered by the Hercules Plus,Plus product converts dial-up and IP allows ATMs quickly to be deployed in a variety of places.ATMs to cellular.With the option of connecting either viaEthernet or wireless, deployers can place a ATM within minutes. Fortunately, ATMs that were designedThe portability aspect also can be critical strictly for landline connectivity easilywhen it comes to setting up equipment at can be converted to a dual-connectivityspecial events like concerts or fairs, or in solution.the wake of a natural disaster, such as ahurricane, where landline communications For example, the Hercules Plus productmay be interrupted. Outdoor and difficult- can ensure that an ATM that normallyto-access locations also offer opportunities operates via an IP connection doesnt goto reach underbanked and unbanked down. If the IP connection fails for anyconsumers. reason, the Hercules Plus automatically reverts to wireless communication. OnceWe see [wireless ATMs] at sports the IP connection is restored, the Herculesstadiums where there are difficulties Plus will automatically revert back to thein getting phone lines run to certain IP connection. However, if no IP servicelocations, said Chuck Hayes, a product is available, the Hercules Plus can run onmanager for Long Beach, Miss.-based strictly wireless communications.ATM manufacturer Triton Systems. Thatseems to be whats really driving the With a dual-connectivity modem, thatsdeployment of wireless that and mobile where the redundancy aspect comes in,units going from location to location. Kaps said. Since the dual-connectivity modem allows for both landline and wireless communications, the ATM goesUptime and redundancyIf an ATM connects to the financial ATMs that were designed strictly forinstitution solely by a landline connection landline connectivity easily can beand that connection goes down, it may converted to a dual-connectivity hours or days before the ISO becomesaware of the problem. The result is lostrevenues as customers take their business down less. 2010 NetWorld Alliance LLC | Sponsored by The DPL Group 2 </li> <li> 3. Three Reasons to Incorporate Dual Connectivity into an ATMCustomer confidenceAs every ISO is aware, ATMs are frequenttargets for theft. Although ram raids, alsoknown as smash-and-grabs, have leveledoff in recent years, incidents where thievestry to cut open an ATM with a blowtorchare on the increase.Even if located inside a retail location,ATMs are vulnerable to attack, andthats why owners and operators mustbe thorough when it comes to managing ATMs with alert capabilities in case of attack are vulnerable if those alerts are tied to landlines. Dual connectivity keeps the alertstheir fleets. But even though ATMs can be working, even if landlines are cut.outfitted with alert capabilities designed tonotify someone in the event of an attack,many of those alerts fail because they aretied to landline communications. with the cost of insurance, Im surprised more people arent buying the Anti-TheftWith a lot of thieves who do smash-and- Kit.grabs, the first thing they do is cut thewires leading to the ATM, Kaps said. And About the sponsor: The DPL Group, foundedif the line is cut, alerts dont go out. in 1974, is a provider of telecommunications test equipment and cellular wirelessWith a dual-connectivity modem, the communications solutions for the telephone,ATM will continue to transmit even if construction and ATM industries. The DPLthe wires are cut. With an optional Anti- Groups Hercules Plus product converts dial-upTheft Kit, such as the one offered with and IP ATMs to cellular, with service providedthe Hercules Plus product, an alert can on a month-to-month basis with no long-termbe sent to any device of the ATM owners contracts. An anti-theft module can be addedchoosing. to provide physical tampering alerts in the form of text messages to cell phones and/or e-mails.If the ATM is moved or tilted or someone For more information, please see to pry it open, the machine will sendout an alert notifying someone that themachine is under attack, Kaps said.You can program the machine to send outan alert either to a cell phone, an e-mailaddress or to us, and we can get someoneout there right away, he said. Compared 2010 NetWorld Alliance LLC | Sponsored by The DPL Group 3 </li> </ul>


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