Tips to buy a best solar water heater

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<p>Tips to buy a best solar water heater</p> <p>Tips to buy a best solar water heater</p> <p></p> <p>Selecting a solar water heaterWhen selecting a new water heater for your home, choose a water heating system that will not only provide enough hot water but also that will do so energy efficiently, ( you money. </p> <p>This includes considering the different types of water heaters available and determining the right size and fuel source for your home.</p> <p>Types of water heatersConventional storage water heateroffer a ready reservoir (storage tank) of hot water.</p> <p>Tank less or demand type solarheat water directly without the use of a storage tank.</p> <p>Heat pump solar water heatermove heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly for providing hot water.</p> <p>Solar water heatersuse the sun's heat to provide hot water.</p> <p>Tank less coil and indirect water heatersuse a home's space heating system to heat water.</p> <p>Select criteria</p> <p>Fuel type, availability and cost The fuel type or energy source you use for water heating will not only affect the water heater's annual operation costs but also its size and energy efficiency. See below for more on selecting fuel types.</p> <p>Size To provide your household with enough hot water and to maximize efficiency, you need a properly sized water heater.</p> <p>Energy efficiency To maximize your energy and cost savings, you want to know how energy efficient a water heater is before you purchase it. Visit the pages on different types of water heaters for more on estimating energy efficiency.</p> <p>Costs Before you purchase a water heater, it's also a good idea to estimate its annual operating costs and compare those costs with other less or more energy-efficient models. </p> <p>Decide on system meets your needs and lifestyle</p> <p>Use theProduct list to find qualified models for consideration.</p> <p>Understandhow the solar water heater work.</p> <p>Protect against freezing in colder climates.</p> <p>Estimate the capacity you'll need.</p> <p>Check for maintenance After installing ( solar system, it is important to perform periodic maintenance to ensure efficient operation. On the roof or ground, depending on installation:Collector is clean and not shadedCollector is sound, sealing and glazing are not cracked or yellowingFasteners connecting collector to roof are soundPiping and wiring are well-connected, well-insulated, and without damageRoof penetrations are well-sealed</p> <p> In the home:</p> <p>Pressure relief valve is not stuck completely open or closed.</p> <p>Pumps (in active systems) activate when the sun is shinin.</p> <p>Pipes are free of mineral build-up.</p> <p>Solar manufacturerFind a solar manufacturer who can assess your site, provide recommendations, install a system, and then perform periodic maintenance. </p> <p>Installing a solar water heater on an existing home requires careful installation, which often includes running pipes through walls.</p> <p>To know more details about solar visit</p> <p>Contact us GLAZER SOLAR ENERGY PVT LTD, 3 /1, Assisi Nagar, Near Assisi Church, Athipalayam Pirivu, Ganapathy, Coimbatore - 641 006. Email phone no:8220049970, 8220049971, 8220049972, 8220049974, 8220049976</p>