Tips to Keep Your List Subscribers Interested

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  • 2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1

    Tips to Keep Your List Subscribers


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    Whether youve got online subscribers through your business blog, an email

    marketing mailing list or newsletter list, or youve got a list of followers throughout

    various online social media profiles, (or all of the above, which can open the most

    doors to great results for you) there is one thing for certain --- your lists can be a

    goldmine. List marketing can be done in many ways but the bottom line is that its a

    great way to build relationships that could be profitable. But youve got to treat the

    list right to keep it keen.

    As a company who has expertise in SEO and online marketing, we know how

    valuable your relationships built online can be to your sites success. (Here at

    Oracle we can help you with email marketing, building your blog readership,

    increasing your social media following, and so on).

    Here are some tips to help you succeed with all of your lists:

    The consequences of treating the people on your lists wrong will mean that list will

    probably soon dwindle to worthlessness. The benefits of doing things the right way

    is that youll continually build authority, trust, relationships, and growth for your


    Too Little? Remember: if you dont use the communication medium often

    enough, people will lose interest and / or you wont be able to build a strong

    enough relationship with them.

    Too Much? If you use the communication medium it to excess, you could

    turn people off, believing youre a spammer or simply getting on their nerves

    by over-posting. There are varying opinions on the desirable frequency of

    tweets or emails or blog posts. A daily blog isnt too much (as long as its

    valuable), tweets or Facebook status updates a few times a day probably

    arent too often, either. But its not typically desirable to receive emails on a

    daily basis for most people, unless youre offering a daily tip or daily deal.

    Carefully consider your posting schedule as it could turn on or off your

    readers, depending on your niche and depending on the type of content you


    Value. If you dont provide enough useful information, people will eventually

    stop clicking your links and / or stop opening your messages altogether.

    Provide value and youll be able to help build trust and this could even result

    in word of mouth marketing success, too.

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    Piquing Interest. In many cases, you need to leave at least a little bit of

    expertise under your hat so that people have a reason to click to learn more.

    The key to most list mediums is to get a click. Reveal enough to provide

    value and hook them but leave enough to the imagination that theyll want to

    click to learn more.

    Socialise. On social media sites, be sociable. Dont simply push out links

    and buy now type phrases. You wont keep followers very long if its not

    advantageous to people to follow you and read your updates.

    Respect anti-spam laws and your readers rights, too. Make sure you make

    it easy for people to change their settings to opt-out, to switch to a less

    frequent option, and so on. There are some great software tools that manage

    mailing lists and make this easy for you and for your readers.

    Extra! Breaking news and interesting info will help keep people reading your

    messages. Make sure you provide a good amount of this type of info and

    youll have more people reading your messages and sharing them with

    others (increasing your potential of building your list further).

    Transparency and Honesty. Make sure your subject lines arent deceptive.

    Dont let the desire for a high e-mail open rate affect your readers

    experience or they will stop trusting you. And dont recommend something

    unless youre sure that it will absolutely provide value to your list.

    Answer. Answer publicly asked questions publicly (unless its inflammatory,

    of course). This is a great opportunity to show your desire to help others and

    to illustrate your expertise and commitment to customer service.

    Positive Attitude. Be positive, upbeat, and professional and this will help

    you in your efforts to do relationship marketing.

    Remember, unsubscribing is just a few keystrokes away. Nurture relationships

    with the people on all of your lists and you have a better chance of keeping them

    engaged and of benefiting from the relationship. Oracle Digital 206 Nicholson Road Subiaco, WA, 6008 Ph: 1300 899 851